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We offer all our customers (businesses and individuals) tailor-made ranges of services adapted to their needs. At the house of Finance de Demain Consulting, we offer a full range of innovative services, combining financial expertise and cutting-edge technological solutions. Our objective is to support you in the digital transformation of your financial processes, in order to optimize your performance and competitiveness in the market.


Visibility on the Internet

If you want to do business on the Internet, you have come to the right place. We make your business more visible on the Net.

Staff Retraining

Training of staff on new management tools so that they make good managerial decisions

Financial Consultations and Advice

Give your business a new lease of life. Have your business consulted in all its aspects.

Strategic Consulting

Finance de Demain® is a platform that gives you the opportunity to very easily increase your figures through quality consultations. Whether you are a business or an entrepreneur, you are in the right place to be consulted

Financial Solutions

Our mission is to provide businesses and entrepreneurs with appropriate services to succeed financially. These include training, strategic support, etc. Our ultimate vision is to empower entrepreneurs to pursue and achieve their financial wellness dreams


Finance de Demain Consulting®  accompanies you in your process of visibility on the Internet. In addition, we support you in all your processes to build your business on the Internet.

Why choose us?


Our Strengths


Respect of deadlines

Respect deadlines and set our priority with our customers because a customer satisfied on time is better than a customer who is simply satisfied.


After sales services

In addition to the quality services that we offer, after-sales service is our workhorse.


Good prices

We offer our customers services at competitive prices. Our ultimate vision is to empower businesses and entrepreneurs to pursue and realize their dreams of financial wellness to live life on their own terms.



Rest assured, your safety is also our priority

Our Experts


Dr DJOUFOUET Faustin-Expert in digital marketing

A passionate visionary, Dr. Djoufouet has more than 15 years of experience in marketing strategies in the digital age. Holder of a doctorate in Finance, he has contributed to the success of numerous innovative digital campaigns. “Pushing the limits of marketing creativity is what drives me every day.”


Mr. NKENGSONG Crepin- Expert in E-business

A specialist in online business models, Crépin has 10 years of experience supporting high-potential technology start-ups. A visionary at heart, he enjoys exploring emerging trends to unearth opportunities for disruption. “Much more than a simple transaction, e-business is shaping the future of customer experience. "

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PAMBA Gautier- Financial Expert

With an MBA in financial management, Gautier brings his accounting and tax expertise to the service of our clients. Meticulous and pragmatic, he ensures the optimization of costs and the good financial balance of each project. “A successful business rests on solid financial foundations” – its motto, a guarantee of seriousness.

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