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Everything you need to know about PropTechs

The real estate sector, long very traditional, has been in the midst of a digital project for a few years! More and more startups 🏗️ and technological innovations 💡 are emerging to modernize this high-potential but often opaque market. This news solutions called “PropTechs” 🏘️📱 (contraction of Property Technologies) are revolutionizing all links in the real estate chain.

From the search for property 🏠 to the transaction, including rental management or home automation 🖥️, PropTechs bring their share of digitization, task automation ⏩ and process optimization. Thanks to these innovations, traditional real estate players 🏢 gain in productivity and users in transparency and services.

According to a study by McKinsey law firm, this PropTech sector would already represent more than 5 billion dollars worldwide, but remains fragmented. It is estimated that it could be multiplied by 10 by 2030!

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🔎 In this article, we are going to review the PropTechs that are transforming real estate. We will see the flagship innovations, the key players 👥, the advantages and challenges related to these new technologies.

We will also discuss the future prospects 🚀 for PropTechs and their growing adoption. Their impact on real estate is undeniable and has only just begun! ⏩

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What is PropTech?

The " PropTech is a recent buzzword in commercial real estate. Similar to " FinTech PropTech is a movement of the real estate market towards efficient systems rooted in the exploration of the digital landscape and tending to new modes of consumption.

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Real Estate Technology or PropTech, for short, refers to the application of IT and platform economics to the real estate industry.

The platform economy, in this sense, gives users insight into the social and economic activities shaping the sector through a digital interface. PropTech is also known as " real estate technology ».

PropTech is an innovative approach to real estate in which technology optimizes the way people find, rent, buy, sell and manage property.

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Cross-industry technology benefits all parties involved – developers, investors and property management companies – making it a recent buzzword in commercial real estate.

PropTech real estate startups are all those trying to make the real estate industry better, more efficient, and easier to navigate for all parties involved.

It's no wonder New York is a leader in this booming industry. This can be explained by the fact that he knows real estate concerns, such as the lack of accessibility and housing.

The rise of this industry considers the need for a technological and mental change demanded of the real estate sector to deal with the inconvenience of its consumers.

Simply put, PropTech consists of using artificial intelligence to revolutionize or enable the digital transformation of the real estate sector.

What are PropTechs used for?

PropTech companies seek to optimize purchasing processes, selling, financing, investing, analyzing and managing real estate, reducing business costs and increasing people's productivity.

🏠 PropTechs are innovative technologies dedicated to the real estate sector. They ffacilitate searches and visits goods through dedicated sites and applications. You can easily find real estate ads and virtually visit properties. 🏡

They automate certain daunting tasks such as drafting leases or registering rentals on platforms. 📈 They optimize rental management via property management software for receipt, accounting, etc. 💰

✍️ProTechs improve the real estate transaction with electronic signature or online auction solutions for example. They also allow price estimations thanks to algorithms and big data. 💡

🌡️ Finally, they optimize the energy consumption of buildings with home automation solutions. They secure access and manage flows in office buildings and offer virtual tours of properties. 💻

???? What are the benefits of PropTechs?

PropTech companies leverage big data not only to find the best buyer, but also to get the best selling price.

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Their real strength is the variety of businesses that help you sell, rent, finance, analyze, iinvest or manage your properties from your personal computer.

If you want to sell an apartment, you can go to a traditional building that has a local radius of influence, or go to a PropTech.

This second option will open your apartment on the market in a multitude of portals. She will manage your potential customers, close your visits, study the market and increase the profitability of your property.

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Another advantage is the reduction in visits. Only one technical inspection is necessary to be able to sell the apartment. It is the company that will later show the apartment to potential buyers.

Additionally, PropTechs are able to perform an automated valuation, using data and algorithms capable of calculating the best price for a home.

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???? The limits of PropTechs

Here are some potential limitations of PropTechs:

???? High investment cost for real estate professionals, especially small structures, to adopt these new technologies.

😕 Difficulty to evolve practices and convince certain traditional actors who are reluctant to change. Real estate remains rooted in its habits.

🙅♂️ Risk of dehumanization of the customer relationship with purely digital interactions. Human contact remains important.

🌐 Long-time care increased use of the internet and digital tools, which can be a barrier for certain populations.

💻🔒 Cyber ​​attacks and hacking sensitive data like transactions are a risk.

???? Require training teams to master and take advantage of these innovations.

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???? Risk of disappearance of certain professions rendered obsolete by the automation of tasks.

📈💰 Speculative bubble on some new players and unprofitable technological solutions.

🤔 Regulatory framework sometimes vague or unsuitable for these breakthrough innovations. But the benefits seem override these limits that the sector 🏢 will have to overcome to seize the opportunities of PropTechs!

🌿 Summary

PropTechs have undeniably revolutionized the real estate sector in recent years and their development is accelerating!

Whether individuals looking for property, real estate professionals or managers, everyone can take advantage of these technological innovations that are already essential. 💡

PropTechs bring more transaction transparency 📃, automate many tasks, optimize the management of properties 🏡 and rentals 🔑, and offer more services to users. Their growing adoption 📈 demonstrates their usefulness and positive impact on this sector 🏢 in digital transformation.

Of course, challenges remain: adaptation of practices, training 🎓, risks of disappearance of jobs, cybersecurity 🔒 etc.

But the opportunities appear much greater to develop a sometimes dusty sector. PropTechs open the way to the real estate of tomorrow : more innovative 💡, efficient ⚡ and transparent! 😎

Their democratization to the general public 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 remains limited but there is no doubt that they will change our relationship to real estate. Case to follow very closely therefore! 👀

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