Investing in the stock market as a Muslim

How to invest in the stock market as a Muslim? Investing in the stock market fascinates more and more people who are seduced by the possibility of generating additional income over the long term. However, many Muslims are hesitant to start, fearing that the practice is incompatible with their faith. Islam very strictly regulates financial transactions, prohibiting many common mechanisms of modern markets.

What is Zakat?

Every year, especially during the month of Ramadan, Muslims in large numbers around the world pay a compulsory financial contribution called Zakat, whose root in Arabic means "purity". Zakat is therefore seen as a way to cleanse and purify income and wealth from what can sometimes be worldly and impure means of acquisition, in order to gain God's blessing. Being one of the five pillars of Islam, the Quran and hadiths give detailed instructions on how and when this obligation should be fulfilled by Muslims.

What does Halal and Haram mean?

The word “Halal” holds an important place in the hearts of Muslims. It mainly manages their way of life. The meaning of the word halal is legal. Permitted, lawful and authorized are other terms that can translate this Arabic word. Its antonym is "Harâm" which translates what is considered a sin, therefore, prohibited. Usually, we speak of Hallal when it comes to food, especially meat. From early childhood, the Muslim child must imperatively make the difference between foods that are allowed and those that are not. They need to know what halal means.