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Islamic finance (IF) is based on Islamic law. An essentially religious right. It aims to safeguard reason and the integrity of the religious message, the continuity of procreation, the protection of property. In this perspective, the IF must respect a certain number of principles in order to be in conformity with the will of God.

Indeed, it is a financial system that has religious origins. Thus, it prohibits certain practices. The practice of interest, speculation, gambling are prohibited. This finance does not finance certain areas of activities supposed to be haram. However, it advocates the principle of profit and loss sharing between the partners. It also encourages investment in real assets. Unlike traditional finance, it is more connected to the sphere of the real economy.

We will see in this category the Islamic Sukuk bonds. Islamic insurance: Takaful. Religious taxes called Zakat. And many other elements such as: the Quard Hassan, Moudharaba; Musharakah; Ijara, Salam, etc.

If one wishes to know the different mechanisms of operation of Islamic finance, one must above all realize that it is the result of the influence of religion on morality, then of morality on law, and finally of law. on the economy to end up in finance.

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We cover the fundamentals of Islamic finance, such as prohibiting usurious interest (riba) and investing in sectors consistent with Islamic ethics. Our goal is to help you understand the key concepts of Islamic finance and apply them in your financial life.

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