Category: Business Management

Business management is the set of techniques for organizing resources that are implemented for the administration of an entity, including the art of directing people, in order to obtain satisfactory performance.

For the sake of optimization, it tends to respect the interests and representations of the company's stakeholders. In order to take into account time, risk and information on management decision-making, it is customary to distinguish:

Strategic management which concerns the management of the market by strategy (it is also an external vision of management);

Operational management, which concerns the management of processes specific to the company (it is a more internal vision centered on the organization).

Management control tends to make the link between these two types of management because of its positioning within the entity.

The challenges of business management are Effectively direct the resources of the organization. This requires the use of tools that turn out to appeal particularly to economics, but also to sociology and psychology.

Thus the management must succeed in taking into account the representations and interests of the various stakeholders of the organization while remaining in an idea of ​​organizational optimization.

To be a good manager, you have to know how to take charge of thework organization of its teams, division of labor to the coordination of actions.

To achieve the objectives set by the company's general management, team members must know what each person's role is.

To do this, you must be able to answer the following questions:

  • " Who does what ? » in the short and medium term
  • “How will the missions of each of the members of his team evolve? »

Once these questions are settled, the coordination employees and the management of time are two important concepts to plan. The next step is to develop a schedule, it is best to do this in consultation with the people concerned.

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