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Traditional finance as opposed to Islamic finance refers to a field of activity which consists in providing the financial production factors (capital) necessary for the realization of an investment project. It concerns everyone, any person, natural or legal. To speak of classical finance is to speak of stock exchange operations, business financing, banking transactions.

Finance also refers to the various operations in the financial markets. Finance de Demain in this category presents the new forms of finance. These are green finance, parallel banking or shadow banking, etc.

We also present in this category we also talk about corporate governance, financing techniques and many others.

In an economy characterized by freedom of choice, organizations and people can exercise their decision-making power, that is, they have the opportunity to optimize their choices. Finance plays a preponderant role in improving decision-making because it is possible to measure its degree of effectiveness in the achievement or not of individual or collective objectives.

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We cover the latest trends in portfolio management, personal financial planning, taxes and much more. We are here to help you understand market issues, identify investment opportunities and make informed decisions.

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