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Double chance bet at 1xbet: how to win

Double chance at 1xbet offers players the opportunity to win on two of three possible outcomes. For example, in a 1N2 bet, it is possible to bet on 1N, 12 or N2. This type of bet is very popular among bettors, whether beginners or experienced, due to its simplicity and advantages. The most common double chance is a team victory or a draw between the two opponents. You can bet with Skrill.

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💸Meaning Double Chance Bet

There is no specifically advantageous situation for opting for a double chance bet. However, this option is ideal if there are serious doubts about the final result of a match. When two teams have almost equal chances of winning, you can make a double chance bet by betting on either a draw or one of the teams to win, whichever you prefer.

Double chance betting also has similarities with single betting. You have the possibility to bet on the result of a match by checking two boxes instead of one: victory of team 1/draw (1N), victory of team 1/victory of team 2 ( 12) or draw/win for team 2 (2N).

This type of bet gives you the opportunity to bet on two different outcomes instead of just one! However, the odds of your bet will be lower than those of a single bet, because the risks are reduced.

🌿Types of double chance bets

When betting on a double chance bet, there are three possible choices:

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Double Chance 1X

This option allows you to play on 1X or 1N. You therefore win only if the home team wins. That is, if the team playing the match at home wins (1) or if there is a draw (N).

Double Chance X2

The bet offers you an X2 or N2 choice which specifies that you only benefit from winnings if the away team wins the match.

You thus have the correct prediction if there is a draw (N) or when the team playing the match at the outside wins (2).

Double Luck 12

This bet consists of betting on 12 and winning regardless of which team wins the match.

Your prediction is then a winner if the home team wins (1) or when the away team wins (2).

Double Chance IN

The double chance IN corresponds to the double chance bet 1N or 1X, namely, when the team playing the match at home wins (1) or there is a draw (N).

Double Chance OUT

The double chance OUT is equivalent to the double chance bet N2 or X2. The prediction is correct in case of a draw (N) or victory of the home team (2).

💸 How to bet on a double result at 1xBet?

Double outcome bets are very popular at 1xBet, which is why the bookmaker highlights them on the main screen along with a list of sporting events. To find double odds bets, simply go to the matches page. All betting options, including double outcome, will be clearly displayed here. So, to place a double odds bet at 1xBet, the player must follow the following steps:

  • Go to the “Live” page. Here you should read about sports where doubles are possible, such as football.
  • Add a double bet via the match overview page or go to " inside of the event in question.
  • Specify the amount to bet.
  • Finish placing a bet by clicking the " Place a bet ».

It should be noted that double odds type bets can be used to assemble express at 1xbet and other combined bets. These can be found in separate articles on our website.

🌿Features of double odds betting at 1xBet

Newbies are often overwhelmed by a wealth of information once they become aware of the diversity of bets and match results. This also applies to 1xBet double odds.

In reality, this betting option has a pattern of Fairly simple calculation. Additionally, beginners are advised to give preference to double bets as they offer a greater probability of success.
However, bettors should pay attention to several features of 1xbet double odds, which we have listed below:

  • Lower betting odds. The odds for each selection of the “double chance” bet are significantly lower (often half as high) than for single bets, due to the high probability of winning.
  • A higher chance of winning a bet. The player bets on two out of three outcomes at once.
    Double chance at 1xbet is only available for sports where a draw is possible, such as football, and is not possible for volleyball. The abbreviations for a double bet are: 1X (first team wins or draws), 2X (second team wins or draws), and 12 (first or second team wins).

A logical question arises: “Does it make sense to place a double odds type bet on 1xBet?” The answer depends on the user's skills and ability to correctly predict the outcome of the match. Nevertheless, the betting format itself is quite interesting and will suit both beginners and professionals.

💸Double Chance Betting System – Tips and Tricks to Win

Double chance betting involves predicting outcomes possible on 1N, 12 or N2. Its simplicity and benefits make it a popular choice among punters. This type of bet offers two out of three chances of winning, letting the bettor choose between a draw and a victory for one of the two opposing teams.

By combining two outcomes into a single bet, the chances of winning are improved, even if the odds are lower. This means that the predictions have more than 60% chance success, which is very advantageous.

It is also a good idea to split the stake into two single bets based on the odds, which guarantees a win regardless of the outcome of the match. It is essential to know the composition of the team and the starting players to assess the quality of play. In addition, weather conditions such as rain or wind can also influence the progress of a match.

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🌿Double Chance Bet FAQ

❔ What does double chance mean?

The double chance bet significantly reduces the risk taken by the punter during a match. Indeed, unlike a classic 1N2 bet, where only one option is possible, the double chance increases your stake with two results to choose from in a single match.

double chance at 1xbet

So there are two out of three chances of getting the correct prognosis. Simply tick two boxes instead of one of the following options: 1X, 12 or X2.

🏆 What does Double Chance IN or 1X mean

Double Chance IN is another name for the 1X double chance bet. As a result, you benefit from winnings with the victory of the home team. Your bet is then a winner only if the team playing at home wins (1) or when there is a draw (N).

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💶 What does Double Chance OUT or X2 mean

Double Chance OUT is the 2X double chance bet. From then on, gains are acquired only when the away team wins. Because, you only win your bet in the event of a victory away from the team (2) or a draw (N).

❔ Is double chance valid for overtime?

It is possible to place a double chance bet on the result of a match both at half-time and at the final whistle. This type of bet then concerns the result at the end of regulation time or possible extensions.

In such a case, you get winnings only if you bet the correct outcome of the match between 1X, 2X and 12 double chance bets. However, you can test the PariMatch bookmaker.

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