Earn money with apps like TikTok


Everyone can now earn money on the internet. With the meteoric rise of social networks in recent years, new opportunities for monetizing online content have emerged. Apps like TikTok now allow their talented creators to turn their passion into a source of income.

Do you want to get started and start earning money from your videos? It's entirely possible ! Of course, making a living solely from your social media posts takes a lot of work. But little by little, by growing your community and influence, micro-income can become a profitable business.

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In this article, find out how to take advantage of your presence on TikTok and the different ways to monetize your audience. You will see that several options are available to you, with earning potential growing as your popularity increases.

Ready to turn your passion for video into a source of profit? In this article, discover 5 apps like TikTok and their earning possibilities!

Let's go !

1. YouTube Shorts 📹

With no less than 2 billion users connected each month, YouTube is undoubtedly THE reference video platform in the world. A dominant status that the American giant intends to preserve in the face of the emergence of new challengers like TikTok. To counter the virality of ultra-short formats made in TikTok, YouTube launched YouTube Shorts in 2020.

These are vertical videos of a duration maximum of 60 seconds, designed for quick consumption from a smartphone. Creators have access to a whole arsenal of creative tools to bring their ideas to life: visual effects, text overlay, speed control, image and sound inserts, etc. All compiled in a dedicated thread bringing together the best trending Shorts.

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In short, YouTube has pulled out all the stops to offer a user experience at least as addictive and creative than TikTok. But when it comes to monetization, can YouTube Shorts compete with the attractive remuneration promised to Chinese network superstars? Not yet…

Unlike traditional videos, YouTube Shorts do not allow you to insert advertisements. It is therefore impossible to directly generate advertising revenue with this emerging format. For the moment, the monetization of Shorts takes a slightly more circuitous route.

Their real interest is to serve as a springboard to quickly build an engaged audience on YouTube. By focusing on well-targeted creative and eye-catching concepts, any designer can see their Shorts become a hit and go viral quite easily. This will allow it to gain thousands, even millions, of additional subscribers in just a few weeks.

apps like TikTok

Once this impressive pool of subscribers has been built up, the creator only has to skillfully redirect his audience to his flagship content: standard YouTube videos. Those which, via advertising revenue, bring millions of dollars each year to star YouTubers like PewDiePie or MrBeast.

We understand that YouTube Shorts are fully part of a global business strategy to maximize profits on the platform. As long as the transfer is well orchestrated, this winning combo shorts + Long-Format videos can be extremely lucrative over time. It remains for the smartest creators to play intelligently with this complementarity.

YouTube does not intend to stop there and is already testing advertising revenue sharing models on Shorts, in order to make the format directly monetizable. One more threat for TikTok, obliged to react to continue to attract talent !

Some creators report earn hundreds dollars per month on YouTube Shorts. The potential seems promising!

2. Instagram Reels 🎥

With over 1 billion active users, Instagram remains one of the most influential social networks. And if historically photos reigned supreme, video is taking an increasingly important place. To meet this need and counter the advance of TikTok, Instagram launched Reels in 2020.

This is a vertical and short video format, which can go up to 30 seconds. Users can express their creativity using a multitude of tools: visual effects, audio, texts, etc. Technically impressive, the Reels are starting to meet their audience, especially among the youngest.

apps like TikTok

But Instagram being above all a showcase for Instagrammers, the question of monetizing Reels is crucial to motivate creators. Because unlike classic photos and videos, it is still impossible to integrate advertisements into the heart of Reels.

Fortunately, Instagram has been offering a “ Fund for creators » aimed at incentivizing and rewarding the production of quality Reels. Modeled on the TikTok Creator Fund, this fund allocates a financial envelope to videographers every month based on their performance. The amount paid depends both on the volume of views generated and compliance with Instagram editorial recommendations.

Although these bonuses remain for quite symbolic at the moment, they demonstrate Instagram's desire to push this promising format. Especially since the prospects for monetization do not stop at the creator fund.

Many successful influencers on Instagram quickly understood the full potential of Reels to promote brands. Sponsored or not, these mini-videos constitute an effective storytelling medium to showcase products to their audience. A product placement that can pay off big depending on the reputation of the influencer.

Above all, a viral Reels video helps the creator to significantly expand their visibility. Enough to attract the attention of big brands ready to pay him generously in exchange for sponsored content on his Instagram feed.

Between the fund for creators, paid partnerships and the possibilities offered by a broader audience, Reels are starting to show some financial potential. It remains for the most imaginative creators to appropriate them with talent to transform the essay!

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For the time being, the direct monetization opportunities are limited. But eligible creators can receive a bonus via the Reels Play fund, and be paid thanks to in-stream advertisements.

3. Snapchat Spotlight🌟

With over 100 million daily active users, Snapchat is an integral part of the social media landscape. His strength ? A use focused on sharing ephemeral photos and videos between close friends. But with Spotlight, Snapchat could well become the new favorite app for content creators. Explanations.

Launched at the end of 2020, Spotlight is a public video feed allowing the most creative Snapchatters to shine in the community. A bit like the Fyp of TikTok Ultimately. Except that Spotlight highlights Snaps of only a few seconds. Something to delight aficionados of ultra-short formats.

apps like TikTok

But what really sets Spotlight apart from the competition is its creator compensation program. Snapchat has indeed unblocked more than 1 billion dollars to directly pay the authors of the most popular Snaps. Sharing Spotlight's ad revenue allows them to earn up to thousands of dollars per month!

Concretely, the more views a video generates, the more the creator pockets a substantial check from Snapchat. Some lucky people have already collected $40 bonus for a single viral Snap! Not bad for just 10 seconds of content...

Obviously, it is very unlikely to earn a living solely through Snapchat Spotlight for ordinary people. Only creators who manage to engage a massive audience receive the staggering sums mentioned.

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But the program nonetheless represents an attractive opportunity to make a little pocket money. Especially since the payment process and the eligibility thresholds are voluntarily very accessible.

Where TikTok or Instagram require specific criteria on content, Snapchat pays for every video published on Spotlight, without exception. A welcome simplicity to motivate casual Snapchatters to try their luck. And with an average of $25 per million views, inheriting a few dollars is no longer a dream.

So of course, we are still far from 70% of advertising revenue redistributed to creators on TikTok. But for a platform that has until now been quite closed to the financial ambitions of its members, this is an interesting first step.

In the merciless war to attract the creative talents of the moment, Snapchat could well have a hand to play. To be continued… Make money on Snapchat therefore becomes child's play.

4. Triller 🎤

Triller is positioning itself as TikTok's direct competitor in the video niche. short and musical videos. And the American application intends to dethrone the Chinese giant by attracting the most prominent content creators, with attractive remunerative programs. Let's take a look at the different strategies Triller uses to motivate talent to join and drive its platform.

Just like TikTok, Triller prioritizes a fund dedicated to creators, pompously titled “ Triller Money ". $250 million has been set aside to directly pay videographers who publish quality, viral content. The amount of bonus varies depending on the number of views, but can quickly reach high proportions for the stars of the application.

Triller would pay up to 5 dollars for 10 views, which is 5 times more than its rival TikTok! Challenges punctuate this program to inspire creative emulation and bring out new talents. Enough to motivate ambitious people to produce more and more original content.

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But beyond this announcement effect, Triller is mainly banking on juicy contracts offered to already known influencers and celebrities. The idea: guarantee them comfortable income if they agree to desert TikTok to join Triller and publish there exclusively. A strategy of “ headhunters » which would allow Triller to be less dependent on an algorithm to emerge its stars.

apps like TikTok

Among the big names who have already succumbed to the call of Triller, boxer Mike Tyson. But also music headliners like Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar or even DJ Diplo. Proof that the application appeals to both athletes and singers. Its alliance with certain American sports leagues should further strengthen its leadership in capturing exclusive premium content.

Well aware that the key to success lies in engaged communities of creators, Triller does not hesitate to put its hand in the wallet. It remains that the viability of such an economic model, based on a few global stars, can challenge.

Time will tell if Triller's offensive strategy will prove true pays off in the long term to steal from TikTok its crown as king of short videos. But one thing is certain, star creators are already guaranteed to monetize their talents at a high price, whether on TikTok or Triller!

5. Likee

To generate income with Likee, the key is to create engaging and original videos that will appeal to your audience. Choose themes, video effects or types of content popular with Likee users and adapt them to your personality

Once your quality videos are uploaded, make sure to make them visible using popular hashtags that match their theme. Interact regularly with other creators on the network by commenting and liking their content. In return, they will be inclined to come to your profile.

Also broadcast live on Likee at peak audience times to encourage users to send you virtual gifts that can be redeemed for cash. Also consider participating in challenges and competitions sponsored by the application: some are profitable.

Last advice, when your number of subscribers and views allows it, activate the official monetization program by Likee. Your videos will then earn money depending on their audience. Be regular and Like can become a source of income!

6. TikTok 🎶

Obviously, LA platform to currently favor to hope make money stay on TikTok. Its different programs offer multiple ways to monetize.

With the Creator Fund, livestream badges, and advertising agreements, some TikTok creators manage to earn 5-figure income !

Better still, the visibility offered by TikTok's gigantic audience often opens the way to external opportunities.

In short, all of these apps offer monetization opportunities to talented creators. But TikTok and YouTube Shorts clearly stand out for their already mature earning potential. So, which horse should you bet on? 🐎


Q: How to make money on TikTok?

A: By joining the TikTok Creator Next creator monetization program, or through paid partnerships with brands. You must have a verified account with at least 10 subscribers.

Q: What types of content are the most profitable on TikTok?

A: Comedy, dance, lifestyle, challenges and tips are popular themes with advertisers. Create short, original and engaging content.

Q: Can you really become an influencer and make a living from TikTok?

R: Yes It's possible when we manage to build the loyalty of a large audience and monetize this community through partnerships. It takes work and perseverance.

Q: Are there any other money making apps?

R: Yes, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube or Twitch also offer monetization programs. You have to create quality content and promote your accounts over the long term.

Q: Do apps pay their creators directly?

A: They do not pay direct money but allow you to monetize through advertisements, paid subscriptions, tips, affiliations, etc. Earnings depend on commitment.

Q: Is it worth the investment of time to save a few dollars?

A: At the beginning, income is low. But by developing your community over the long term, it can become a complement or main income.

Don't hesitate if you have any further questions!

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