How does Pinterest affiliate marketing?

How to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest?
affiliation on Pinterest

how to do affiliate marketing on pinterest ? This is the question to which we will provide part of an answer. You probably know Pinterest as the go-to website for finding ideas and inspiration for your hobbies. Or maybe you are the one who inspires others. What if I told you that Pinterest is not just another social network. Pinterest is a visual search engine and powerful promotional tool used by many marketers.

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In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about:

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  • How Pinterest Works and Why It's Vital to Your Affiliate Marketing Mix
  • How to Create Engaging Content on Pinterest and Stay on Top of Trends
  • Use affiliate links and drive traffic from Pinterest to your affiliate website

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What is Pinterest, exactly?

While Pinterest is often associated with social media, it's only mildly social. People (sort of) use messaging, (rarely) use comments, and if you have a larger account you'll sometimes see people using the "I tried that" feature on your pin. The only collaborative/social feature used consistently seems to be group boards. So, if not social, what exactly is Pinterest?

affiliation on Pinterest
How does Pinterest affiliate marketing? 5

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Like Google Images, Pinterest creates a search-driven platform with images and graphics. It also offers a way to track only the most relevant content. So if you have an influencer you'd like to follow, but not all of their content is your thing, you can ignore what you don't like and follow only their most relevant advice.

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Like any other social network, Pinterest users can like, save, and share pins with friends. The more engagement metrics your pin gets, the higher it ranks in search. Naturally, allowing you to drive traffic to your website. Business accounts can run Pinterest ads. These are native ads that direct clicks to a specific landing page. The only way to distinguish a promotional pin from a regular pin is the mention " promoted by ».

Why add Pinterest to your marketing strategy?

Before we dive into how Pinterest affiliate marketing works, let's first stop here for a minute and decide if it's worth your time in the first place. The first thing you need to know about Pinterest is that shopping is the primary goal for almost half of its users. This number differs significantly from other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Indeed, Pinterest is one of the most affordable and powerful tools for marketers looking to gain traffic, convert more leads, and build brand loyalty.

Another reason to promote your website and affiliate offers on Pinterest is that it's the only social network that offers visual search. Pinners (Pinterest users) are specifically looking for products and brands. Being on Pinterest will allow your affiliate business to build brand awareness, showcase products, and most importantly, inspire.

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest: how does it work?

Technically, you don't even need a website to make money on Pinterest. But if you are playing the game for the long term and want to generate consistent income, you need a website. And if you don't want your accounts to be reported, you need to spend some time doing research before you start posting affiliate links everywhere.

Here is an undeniable fact: the audience you are trying to reach is already on social media. The only question is which social networks to focus on. If, after reading the previous paragraph, Pinterest is something that interests you, let's take a look at what Pinterest affiliate marketing really is.

You can make money on Pinterest and gain visibility on your affiliate website by creating beautiful photos, videos, diagrams and infographics for your affiliate offers and sharing them with others. To do this, you can either use some of the existing assets that an affiliate program has provided to you or create completely new visual content. Before you start affiliate marketing on Pinterest, you need to define your goal.

  • Are you looking for leads that are likely to convert into customers?
  • Or is building a lasting relationship with your audience a priority for you?

So, how to build a Pinterest strategy that makes sense for your affiliate business? Creating a Pinterest profile that will help you earn money is a good place to start.

7 Steps to Do Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Most affiliate programs allow you to post affiliate links on Pinterest. However, each network has different programs with different guidelines. Very few prohibit affiliate links on Pinterest, but it's not completely unheard of. Here's what you need to do to succeed in affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

1. Create a Pinterest business account

The only way to use Pinterest for business purposes is to create a Pinterest Business profile. You can either create a brand new account or turn your personal account into a business account in just two clicks.

A business profile unlocks new Pinterest features like analytics, ads, and audience insights. If you have experience with Google Analytics or the Facebook business page, these should already be familiar to you. Click here to create your Pinterest business account.

2. Follow trends on Pinterest

Your audience determines what you should promote. Follow boards with similar products or competing brands. Surround yourself with content that your target followers see as they browse Pinterest.

This way, you will understand your competitors and implement a better content strategy. For example, you might notice poseable product photos trending in your niche, or doodle designs going viral again.

3. Create great visuals

Unlike Twitter or Clubhouse, Pinterest is a visual medium. It contains only images, videos, gifs and infographics. So, a good way to come up with ideas for new content is to follow general design principles.

pinterest affiliate

If you're not ready to delve into color theory, the rule of thirds, and typography, tools like Canva and Adobe Spark will help you get great results quickly.

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4. Create valuable content

Informative content is popular on Pinterest. Infographics are one of the most common examples. The reason for the success of infographics is simple. They are both superb and provide easily accessible information. If you don't know anything about graphic design but urgently need an infographic, I highly recommend hiring a designer to create one for you.

5. Don't Forget Your Page's SEO

Here are some of the most effective actionable tips to make your pins more SEO friendly right away:

  • Complete all sections of your profile.
  • Check your website/blog in the complaints section of the settings.
  • Make sure you don't hide your profile from search engines: go to " Privacy and Data Preferences in the settings and uncheck the box.
  • Search for relevant keywords using the Pinterest search bar to see which terms are most commonly used and add them to your Pin titles and descriptions.
  • Organize your pins and boards so that users and search engines can easily navigate and understand the structure.

To have a lot of subscribers and therefore succeed in the affiliation, you must regularly pin visuals on your boards. For that Autopin is a software that allows you to automate your Pinterest account by posting several visuals per day.

6. Interact with other users

As with any social media, boosting your presence means you need to increase your business. Respond to user comments under your pins, explore other boards in your niche, and repin or comment on pins you like.

7. Analyze and adjust

To improve your marketing efforts, the first thing you need to do is analyze your results. Which pins and boards drive the most traffic to your website? Which Pins are engaging with your target audience?

The tab pinterest analytics is a good starting point, but let's not stop there. Use traditional analytical tools. For example, you can use UTM links to track clicks from separate pins in Google Analytics.

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affiliation on Pinterest

Measuring what works and what doesn't will lead you to make better decisions about your Pinterest affiliate marketing strategy.

Can I use affiliate links on Pinterest?

Yes! And it's exciting to say that because most social media platforms don't allow direct links in any way. When it comes to Pinterest, affiliates have to choose between two options. You can either create a direct link from your pins to the brand website, either drive traffic to your own affiliate website, then try to convert people from there.

However, you have to be careful. The choice mainly depends on the terms of your affiliate or partnership program. Many companies don't allow your affiliate links to be added directly to Pinterest.

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And remember, if your pin promotes a product or service you're affiliated with, you must disclose it in the description.

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Without a Website

Generally speaking, if your affiliate program accepts direct links on Pinterest, you don't need a website. As already mentioned, Pinterest allows the use of affiliate links. However, we strongly recommend emphasizing that you are an affiliate partner of the brand you are promoting in order to build trust with your followers.

The requirement for quality content remains the same for all social media platforms. This means that your Pins should grab attention and inspire or be helpful to users. Avoid filling every post with an affiliate link and be sure to disclose all affiliate partnerships to Pinners.

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