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How to bet on corners and cards?

Are you considering betting on corners in your next sports bets? On the 1xBet platform, It is very easy to do. A bet is not only limited to the final result of a match, namely victory, draw or defeat.

The score of a match can quickly become undecided, as can the outcome of the match. This is why corner betting has grown in popularity in recent years. In addition, the odds change greatly live, which represents a significant advantage.

Another advantage of betting on corners is the possibility of being reimbursed in the event of a loss, provided youhave created your account with an official promo code. Thanks to our partnership with 1xBet, we have obtained a promo code allowing you to be reimbursed up to 10% of the total amount of your losses. This code is: FAUSTI.

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In this article, I will explain to you how to integrate the corner strategy into your next sports bets. Are you ready ? Let's go !

Betting on corners?

Betting on corners football have grown in popularity in recent years. Not only does this market offer a chance for savvy bettors to take advantage of the bookmaker's lack of knowledge or attention to small details, but it also features large variations in live odds.

Betting on corners in football has little in common with other markets, like 1x2s and handicaps. The result of a match is sometimes correlated with the number of corners each team takes, but not always.

Since football is a sport that has few goals per game, draws and victories for the underdog are easier to obtain than elsewhere. However, the number of corners will be much higher and will give a more accurate indication of a team's performance. If you do not yet have an account on 1xbet, just click here.

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Corner Betting Markets Explained

Corner betting has a vast plurality of markets, present in almost all bookmakers. The initial bet of the total number of corners in the match is the most common, but not the most popular these days. Let’s see an explanation of the betting markets and how to bet on corners.

Explanation of total 3-way angles: An often overlooked variety of corner total bets are 3-way corners. You have three options, “ under "a specific number," on » a specific number and « exact of a specific number. The choice " exact is often offered at much higher odds than the other two.

Explanation of corners in the first 10 minutes: Not much to explain here. There are, however, more varieties regarding the last 10 minutes of a match and, less used, the first 10 minutes of the second half.

More than 10,5 significant corners: This number "10,5 is the more conventional range of corners in some top leagues, regarding the total corners of a game for both teams.

Of course depending on the league and time remaining (as this is one of the most popular live betting markets) this number varies, we might see “ more than 7,5 corners " or " more than 12,5 corners " etc. It is more popular than 3-way corners because you only have two options, " dessus " and "under". There is no " exact " here. You might find this market also called “ 2 way corners ».

Secrets to winning corner bets

As you may have already noticed, you can place bets on corners in football matches in different ways. This type of bet is less dependent on the effect of luck. It is subjected to analysis, to discipline and also to precision.

Suffice it to say that to make money with this type of bet, you should not make decisions based on your intuition. Each bet is believed to be the result of careful analysis and of a most rational decision. For starters, there are a whole bunch of things you need to pay attention to. These include, among others:

  • Statistics, pspecifically those linked to the teams' corners (the average number of corners obtained, conceded or played per quarter of an hour);
  • Team player absences : for a team to have corners, it must be present in attack. It is useless
  • To expect a good performance from her without her best attackers;
  • The shape of the players: too tired, they have fewer opportunities to play corners;
  • Strategies of the different teams.

By taking into account all these factors, you anticipate what could happen in order to establish a reliable and above all winning prognosis. Betting on corners has never been so easy.

Once you are sure of your analysis, all you have to do is decide how to place your bets. You will opt for one or more of the strategies mentioned above. That said, to bet on corners, it is not question of indexing a type of bet and stay true to it.

Whatever your analysis, you absolutely must take into account the state of a football match. Certain game situations can push a team to grant themselves more corners or cause the opposite effect. Generally, we base ourselves on the events produced in the first period to position ourselves on those of the second.

How to Bet on Asian Total Corners

Asian Handicap (aka skip or return with the draw) is also present in corner betting. An example of Asian handicap corners is the market above “more than 10,5 corners”. Another option is the “over/under 5 corners”, where the number “5” could be replaced with any other.

If you had noticed that the number is an integer instead of decimal, you are right, there is a difference: when the total number of corners is the same as the range number, then the bet is considered zero and the bet is reimbursed.

Half with most corners: Not much to explain either. You have to guess which half has the most corners. A popular pre-match betting market.

Corners at the 3 turns explained: This type of betting has recently become more and more popular. You choose a team and bet that they will reach an exact number of corners first (usually an odd one, 3, 5 or 7).

Explanation of alternative corners: An additional market to the “basic” range of corners, for riskier bettors. For example, when the pre-match 2-way corner range is above/under 8,5, the "alternative corners" market also offers odds to "corners above/under 9,5" or "over/under 7,5 corners. " Also. 

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So, a risky bettor might place a bet in an increased range to seek better odds, or a safer bettor might choose a lower number of corners, to ensure more winning possibilities.

Meaning of Multi-Corner Bet: This is a rather new market, one of the most gaming-related you can find. In the multi-corner bet, the number of corners in the first half is MULTIPLIED by the number of those awarded in the second half. 

The product of this is your number and you have two options, above and below a specific decimal number (in the pre-match market the most common number is 27,5, but there are many variations).

The handicap in corners explained: When a huge difference in corners between the two teams is expected, bookmakers tend to offer the 'corner handicap' market, just to balance the odds offered. The weaker team gets a handicap (1, 2 or even 3 corners) and you must decide if the stronger team will overcome the handicap by winning more corners or if the weaker team will protect it.

Best betting sites for corners

Although most online bookmakers offer betting on football corners, there are notable differences in terms of the variety of markets available and the generosity of the odds. After conducting my research, I can recommend four excellent sites for your next corner bets.

Melba is probably the best choice for live betting. They offer more than 15 different markets on corners, which remain open almost until the last minute of matches.

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1Xbet generally offers the best odds on the market on corner bets. They particularly focus on Asian markets with disabilities.

At 888Starz, the diversity of corner markets before matches is astonishing. You will definitely find interesting options to bet there.

BetWinner also offers a wide choice of pre-match corner bets, with the added possibility of betting specifically on the first and second half corners separately. Feel free to check out my full 22bet review. Before going to the FAQ, here is how to create an account on Sportbets.

How to bet on cards

A football match is punctuated by many events during the 90 minutes of the match. It would be a shame to set limits in Paris. Indeed, these events are symbols of the chance to optimize winnings. It is a means of making bets on the cards.

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More concretely, betting on cards consists of betting on the number of cards that the referee is likely to show throughout the match. More generally, sports betting on cards comes with different markets, allowing you to take full advantage of the bets. If you do not yet have an account on 1xbet, just click here.

Types of bets on cards at 1xbet

The sports betting markets on the cards are as numerous as they are varied, leaving you spoiled for choice. This allows you to place your bets in-play or well ahead of the game. You should even know that some markets are so common that they are included by default in bookmakers.

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Nevertheless, betting on the cards implies the respect of certain rules, thus asking a question of instinct, but also intelligent analysis. In most cases, luck has no place in betting on yellow cards or red cards.

Total boxes More/Less

The total number of cards designates a market in which the bettor guesses the number of cards to be received by the players during the regular time of the match.

In general, this market is offered in the form of Over/Under. For example, the bookmaker may ask you to predict the total number of cards, specifying whether these will be more or less than 3,5.

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By choosing more 3,5, the number of cards dealt to players in the game must be more than 4 to hope for a win. Conversely, choose less than 3,5 means that you will win only if the number of yellow cards is less than 3 during the match.

Exact number of boxes

Exact case count is also a very popular market lately, sharing a lot of similarities with total case count.

The difference lies in the fact that you must precisely determine the number of cards given to the players. Bet on the cards by opting for the exact number is therefore quite complicated, thus requiring a perfect knowledge of each player.

1st half cards

A football match is most often punctuated by two halves of 45 minutes each. Betting on yellow cards at half-time then refers to a betting option whose principle is to determine the number of cards likely to be received by the players before the end of the first 45 minutes.

Generally, it is important to estimate rather than state the exact number of cartons.

Disability Boxes

Handicap cards are among the most common markets in card sports betting. The principle is relatively simple, you have to bet on a team that would get the most cards.

More concretely, the option is based on the principle of an advantaged or disadvantaged team with the aim of leveling the playing field. In this way, betting on cards in handicap means that you must beat the handicap in question to win the bet .

Team with more boxes

The team with more cards is another quite interesting market that allows players to bet on the cards for real money or with betting credits. The goal is here determine the team likely to receive the most cards At the end of the match.

In this sense, the result only counts the 90 minutes of the match, without taking extra time into account.

Minute of the first card of the match

Bets on cards must take into account the card and the sending-off which can occur at any time during a football match.

Betting on the minutes of the first card is a possible option, but it turns out to be tricky, since it will be difficult to determine the precise moment when the referee will issue the first card. In this sense, you need to do in-depth research if you want to bet on yellow card bets.

Player with cardboard

As its name suggests, the bookmaker offers you to choose the player who can receive a yellow card throughout the match. Bets on yellow cards are then aimed at you accurately guessing the player who will be able to obtain this card.

As you will have understood, you need relevant statistics in addition to an in-depth knowledge of each player to hope for a gain with bets on yellow cards.

Red cards in the match

Red cards are not as common as yellow cards in football matches. This is why this type of bet is rarely offered by sports betting sites on cards. However, nothing stops you from betting on red cards by predicting which players will be sent off from the match.

Tips for betting on cards

There are a few strategies to be able to win with card bets at 1xbet. Here are a few:

Analyze the referee

The match official is a key figure in your analysis. Regardless of the number of cards a team receives during each match day, it is obvious that you must take into account the behavior of the referee.

  • What is his usual attitude during a game?
  • Is he strict or lenient?

This information can prove invaluable in betting on yellow cards.

Don't just look at his average yellow and red cards. But rather pay attention to the minute he usually assigns his first card. Some try to make their feelings known early on in the tie, while others may limit themselves to warning players.

Rules and booking history

Some players enter a game with the aim of getting a yellow or red card. According to the rules of some leagues, when a player reaches a certain number of cards, he is automatically suspended from the next match.

If a player is one card away from suspension, they can choose to be booked and lose an upcoming insignificant league match, in order to be available for an upcoming hot matchup. Look out for these players carefully, as they are good candidates for at least one yellow card.

Additionally, in some leagues, when players reach a high number of cards (7 or 8) during a league season, they are suspended for two league games. This means that if they receive a reservation, it might be better for them to get a second yellow card and to be sent off (usually in the last few minutes), as if only to get a one-game ban.

Local derbies

This is a special category of football matches, where tempers are usually flared. Beware of these matches. The crowd generally encourages players to play more aggressively. The red cards are more common in these matches. IThe number of yellow cards is considerably higher than in other league matches.

On the other hand, in meaningless games towards the end of the season, it is worth always worth betting on zero cards with traditionally high odds, as both teams have nothing to play for.


Can corner betting predictions be possible?

The answer is yes. With a good pre-match analysis, you can position yourself perfectly on a result.

There are many statistics or other factors to consider. These include the different averages of corners, the strategy of the teams, or the state of the field and the football match.

🏆 What does odd/even number of corners mean?

To put it simply, even or odd corners betting consists of a bettor guessing whether the number of corners during the whole match will be even or odd.

This type of betting is only achievable over a certain period of time : during the first 15 minutes of a half for example or at the start of the match. In general, even and odd bets are not the most popular bets. Since the number of corners is generally higher than the number of goals, it can be more difficult to predict.

💶 What does it mean to bet on the handicap corner?

In betting on corners, the handicap bet keeps the same format as that exercised for the bets on the victories (through the goals).

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