How to engage your employees?

How to engage your employees?

How to engage your employees in a company? Communication strategies within organizations evolve alongside technological innovation. But as advanced as these tools may be, effective communication still ranks high on the list of non-negotiable leadership skills. The obvious benefit of this is the successful and consistent exchange of valuable information. It is also a crucial step in establishing employee trust and commitment.

Internal communication plays a preponderant role in the operation of a company and makes it possible to make the link between the different employees. Creating a feeling of belonging to a team and conveying the values ​​of the company are other objectives of internal communication and reinforce its essential aspect.

In this article, we show you how corporate communication can be a source of employee engagement. But before you start, here's a protocol that lets you build your first online business.

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Role of staff in a company

The staff is all the individuals who provide their work under an employment contract in return for remuneration paid by the employer. Traditionally, personnel have a productive function: they manufacture goods and services and more broadly, depending on their function, they participate in the creation of wealth in the company (concept of added value).

Engage your employees

More and more, with the appearance of the notion of corporate culture, staff convey the brand image of the company in which they work and contribute to its notoriety.

Today, in all developed countries, more than 80% of the active population is salaried. Here is the importance of personnel in the company.

has. Staff, an expense for the company

The staff entails significant expenses for the company and this share tends to increase. These expenses include:

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  • wages and social charges,
  • recruitment expenses;
  • financial contributions paid to employees;
  • training expenses.

b. The staff, an asset for the company

If the employees of a company thrive in their work, they will be motivated and this will directly benefit the company.

What is the interest of a company in this development?

Profit is the primary motivation of a business. However, today, to generate a profit, a company must:

  • know how to adapt quickly to changes in the environment and to the needs of consumers. To do this, it must be flexible and promote the flexibility of its employees in terms of skills and responsibilities.
  • to face competition, that is to say to be competitive by limiting unnecessary expenses (poor quality products, for example) or by offering quality services (competent staff) …

How to boost staff engagement?

1. Develops clarity around organizational goals

Every organization has a vision. When goals are too vague or poorly communicated, employees feel disconnected. An example of the CEO of Finance de Demain Consulting, DJOUFOUET Faustin, is to increase sales – a goal that lacks specific details and instructions.

How does a sales professional develop their sales? What is the timeline? And more importantly, how does this align with an employee's personal and professional goals?

Constant communication is therefore not enough. It must also be clear to be effective. Leaders should highlight the overall goals of the business. They must also define the specific roles of employees in their realization.

Identify how their work adds value or solves specific problems, as this can help employees find more meaning in what they do. By clearly defining everyone's contributions to the bigger picture, you can more effectively maintain employee trust and engagement.

2. Recognizes employee efforts and accomplishments

Competitive salaries and employee benefits are important, but so are intangible benefits. In addition to communication and access to leadership, a Deloitte study found that employee recognition has a significant effect on corporate culture.

When quickly recognized for their effort and hard work, employees feel connected and engaged with the organization. This cultural practice also increases the level of trust between the organization and its staff by increasing employee confidence.

Fortunately, employee recognition is not difficult to put into practice. Try nominating someone to be "employee of the month." Thank individual and team accomplishments. Or, simply personally thank employees for their continued efforts. All of this can have a profound effect on employee engagement.

3. Establishes Feedback Loops

Feedback should always be a two-way street. Management also needs to hear from its employees about the factors that require their input. These issues include workplace culture, environment and roles.

For example, one of our “four tips that can help improve the productivity of your staff” is to improve working conditions, which can be difficult to assess from a managerial point of view.

Talk to your employees to get an idea of ​​what works best for them. It can help you create an environment in which they can truly feel safe, comfortable, and productive.

At the same time, employees need to hear feedback from their supervisors. Rather than identifying their mistakes, focus on constructive feedback about their work.

Discuss how they can still improve in their role and how you can help them develop their potential. This can be done through individual consultations or employee surveys.

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4. Understands the factors that affect job performance

Effective communication and management also involves understanding what motivates them. While you may get an idea of ​​work-related factors, like peer relationships, there may be many other factors at play that you may need to dig deeper into.

Some examples are events in their personal life, mental health issues, and even financial issues.

The thing is, there are a lot of things going on in your employees' lives that can affect their work, and these may not always be immediately obvious. For example, money matters, which we like to think of as a private concern, have a direct impact on an employee's ability to perform.

In fact, DJOUFOUET believes financial stress can manifest in a variety of symptoms ranging from depression to high blood pressure. Money controls many factors in our lives, such as our ability to pay for basic needs.

An inability to do so can increase stress, which can eventually impair our ability to do well at work.

These factors (personal finances, relationships, etc.) are important for understanding job performance and engagement in general. However, these can be difficult to recognize, which is why effective communication is crucial. Check in with your employees from time to time to see how you can help them.

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You may be able to connect them with professionals who can help meet their needs. For example, contact therapists or financial advisors. The goal is to keep the lines of communication open and build trust.

5. Builds lasting relationships

A lasting relationship between your employees could allow you to boost the commitment of your employees. When all of these elements have been established, your business can create meaningful and lasting relationships built on trust.

In fact, trust is a key part of employee engagement because it motivates team members to help the company achieve its overall goals. Nobody wants to work for someone they don't trust.

All of the efforts mentioned above can contribute to greater shared trust between leaders and their employees, and it starts with practicing effective communication and management, which are essential to employee retention.

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