How to boost your CV and cover letter?

How to boost your CV and cover letter?

Landing a job or internship always starts with writing a CV and a cover letter who will stand out. In a competitive market, it is essential to take care of these essential documents to create the best possible first impression with recruiters. A CV that convinces you will always stand out from other candidates during recruitment.

However, writing an impactful CV and a motivating letter is not an easy thing. How to highlight your profile, share your motivation in an impactful way and stand out from other candidates?

In this article, I reveal all my tips for making your CV and your letter irresistible! Ready to boost your chances of getting an interview?

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Let's go ! 🚀

Understand the recruiter's expectations 🧐

Before you start writing your application documents, it is essential to understand the point of view and expectations of the recruiter who will read them. Indeed, your objective is to make his work as easy as possible so that he has no doubt about calling you for an interview.

cover letter

To do this, your CV and cover letter must quickly demonstrate that: you perfectly match the profile sought, you stand out from other candidates, you are motivated by this position, and that you are a rigorous and reliable person.

Your application should jump out at him like Nomination ideal and obvious for this job. By adopting his psychology and approach, you will know exactly how to seduce him and convince him to meet you thanks to a CV and a tailor-made letter.

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Your goal? Make his work easier so that he has no hesitation in calling you for an interview. It's all about psychology!

Create an eye-catching CV 🎯

Your CV must capture attention in seconds. First tip: structure your CV well with clear parts:

  • Personal informations
  • Training
  • Professional experiences.
  • skills
  • Areas of interest

Choose a point-based presentation to make reading easier. Ventilate the layout well.

⚠️ Don't forget your full contact details and your photo!

For background, select only information relevant to the position. On 1 page maximum, get to the point. Highlight your concrete achievements rather than just lists of missions. Encrypt, provide proof.

An eye-catching CV says a lot about you: rigor, clarity, efficiency. This is the key to capturing the recruiter’s interest! 😉 So learn to write a Professional Curriculum Vitae.

Illustrate with concrete achievements 🏆

More than just words, the recruiter wants proof of your skills. Illustrate with concrete achievements!


  • “Webmaster who transferred traffic from a site to 10 to 000 visitors/month »
  • “Communication manager who gained 2000 Twitter subscribers in 1 year”

These figures prove your impact. Also explain your achievements: “Management of a project from A to Z: specifications, planning, team of 5 people”. Your proof of success will make all the difference compared to another similar profile.

Adapt your CV to each offer💡

No question of sending the same generic CV to all offers. Adapt the content to each position to meet expectations!

Identify the skills sought in the offer and highlight them in your CV. Change the order of the sections accordingly. Master the art of Targeted CV » and your applications will make a much bigger impact. A guarantee of motivation!

Play on the presentation 🎨

A CV is not just an administrative document, it is also your showcase ! A careful presentation is an undeniable plus.

Choose a classic font (Arial, Times New Roman) and ventilate the document with spaces. Also dare to use a few subtleties in formatting:

  • Bullets and frames for visual structure
  • Icons to highlight your skills
  • Colors to separate parts

Stay classic but add your touch for maximum impact! 💥

Create logical links 🔗

Your CV must tell a story and give meaning to your career. Make logical connections between your experiences. Explain your progression, transition from an internship to your first job, position development, etc.Show consistency.

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Highlight the common threads between your roles at different companies. Make your purpose stand out. A linear path makes reading easier and enhances your profile.

Highlight your qualities 💎

To give a positive image of yourself, include the qualities relevant to the position in your CV:

  • Versatile, autonomous, creative, curious (for a position requiring resourcefulness)
  • Rigorous, organized, attentive to details (for a methodical position)
  • Strength of proposal, team spirit, sense of contact (for collaborative work)

These " keywords » subliminals speak for you. Don't overdo it, a few mentions are enough to enhance your profile.

Reread and reread 🕵️

Step of proofreading is crucialwhen writing a text, whether it is a blog article, a report or a book. Once the writing work is completed, it is tempting to consider the text as finalized and publish it directly.

However, rereading your text yourself, then having it read by other people, can considerably improve its quality.

First of all, rereading yourself with a fresh perspective, away from the writing, makes it easier to detect typos, typing errors, syntax or structural problems that may remain.

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We can better identify confusing passages, stylistic heaviness, omissions or inconsistencies when we are no longer in the middle of writing. Take the time to calmly reread your text, out loud to clearly hear the rhythm of the sentences, is a must.

Don't neglect these essential steps to deliver the best possible CV. That's it !

Write a powerful cover letter ✍️

Now let's move on to the other key document: the cover letter. How to write it to score points? First of all, always prefer a personalized letter rather than a standard letter. Show that you have thought specifically about the position.

Start by introducing yourself and explaining your motivation for this position. Why were you made for this mission? Develop 2 or 3 key points on your skills and qualities relating to the profile sought. Illustrate with examples.

Emphasize your enthusiasm to integrate this team and your fiber for the field concerned. End by thanking the recruiter and making a positive catchphrase to make an impression. An engaging tone will make the difference.

Highlight your motivations ✨

Objective #1 of a cover letter is to prove that you want this position. Highlighting your motivations in a CV or cover letter is important to show potential employers that you are passionate about the position and are motivated to work at their company. Here are some tips to highlight your motivations:

Be honest : Avoid lying or exaggerating your motives. Employers can easily spot candidates who are insincere.

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Research the company: Before applying, find out about the company and its values. Use this information to show how your vision and motivations align with those of the company.

Personalize your letter: Avoid generic cover letters and personalize them based on the company and position. Show that you have researched the company and are motivated to work with them.

Use concrete examples: Give concrete examples of situations where you were motivated to accomplish something. This can be past projects, achievements or extra-professional activities.

Show your passion: Describe your passion for the field or industry you are applying to. Show that you are passionate about what you do and motivated to succeed.

Stay professional: Avoid overdoing it or being too personal in your cover letter. Stay professional and focus on skills and experiences that are relevant to the position.

Be positive: Avoid speaking negatively about your current situation or your former employers. Stay positive and focus on why you are motivated to apply for this position.

Personalize your letter 🙋‍♂️

To stand out and give more impact to your cover letter, nDon't hesitate to embellish it with personal touches.

This will make it unique and create a bond with the recruiter. For example, you can mention that you are a parent and that the family values ​​displayed by the company are important to you.

Or that you have traveled to the country where the company is headquartered and appreciate the culture. If you share a common passion with the manager, such as sport or photography, do not hesitate to mention it.

These little personal details can really make the difference in making your application more memorable and creating a connection with the recruiter. They also reveal your deep motivations for joining the company.

Highlight your skills 💪

Highlighting your skills in a CV involves presenting them in a clear, concise and relevant manner in order to demonstrate your added value to potential employers. Here are some tips for highlighting your skills:

Identify key skills: Think about which skills are most important for the position you are aiming for. These could be specific technical skills, leadership skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, etc.

Use keywords: Include relevant keywords in the skills section of your resume. This will help recruiters quickly identify the skills they are looking for.

Be specific: Describe your skills in a concrete and specific way. Use concrete examples of past accomplishments to illustrate your skills.

Prioritize your skills: Highlight your most relevant and important skills for the position by placing them at the top of the list.

Adapt to the position: Customize your skills based on job requirements. Analyze the job offer and identify the skills the employer is looking for. Make sure these skills are highlighted in your CV.

Use concrete examples: Instead of just listing your skills, give concrete examples of situations where you used those skills successfully.

Quantify your achievements: If possible, quantify your accomplishments to show the impact of your skills. For example, if you improved a process, indicate the percentage of efficiency you achieved.

Stay relevant: Only list skills that are relevant to the position you are applying for. Avoid generic skills that are not domain or industry specific.

By highlighting your skills effectively, you can attract the attention of recruiters and increase your chances of being selected for a job interview.

Adopt the right tone 📝

  • Write in the first person for greater proximity
  • Stay courteous, cordial and positive
  • Show your motivation but without excessive sycophancy
  • Show measured and sincere enthusiasm

The tone of your letter reveals a lot about your personality. Find the right balance!

Care and proofreading 🕵️‍♀️

As for the CV:

  • Polish your spelling and syntax
  • Ask a third party for a fresh perspective
  • Refine the structure and content
  • Write on computer for sharp results

An impeccable letter increases your chances of being summoned. Every detail counts!

In short

We are coming to the end of this article which aimed to give you all the keys to creating application documents impactful and tailor-made. Thanks to the many tips shared, you now have all the tips to make your CV and cover letter stand out from the crowd.

You know how to structure your documents strategically, personalize them, highlight your strengths, choose the good keywords and adopt the right tone.

By applying these techniques, your motivation and skills will really shine. All you have to do is take care of the presentation and refine every detail before sending.

With an eye-catching CV and a motivational letter, you will maximize your chances of landing an interview. These important documents will no longer hold any secrets for you.

You have all the cards in hand to impress recruiters. So it’s now up to you to land your future job! 😀💪 But before you leave, here's how to build a Action plan to build an online business

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