How to create a website with WordPress in Africa?

Creating a website was a massive project. Everything had to be built by hand and companies had to work with a marketing agency online that would charge them tens of thousands of dollars to build the site. But today, creating a website has become a game with WordPress. Things have becomebeaucoupcheaper and easier over the years.

Note that there are a number of approaches you can take to create a website. If you want to earn money with 1XBET without investing,click here to create your accountand benefit from 50 FCFA to start. Promo code:argent2035. I've broken down the 9 simple steps to building your website from scratch.

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They are:

  • Step 1: Choose a name and find a domain for your website
  • #Step 2: Register your domain name
  • Step 3: Decide on the type of site you are creating
  • Step 4: Get a Host for Your WebsiteGo to Home Page
  • #Step 5: Install WordPress
  • Step 6: Point your domain to your host
  • Step 7: Install a WordPress Theme
  • #Step 8: Add content to your website
  • Step 9: Keep Evolving Your Website

You will easily be able to complete these steps within the next 120 minutes. But first, I would like to introduce you to this premium training which will tell you How To Create Your Business On The Internet.

🥀 Choose a name and find a domain for your website

It’s time for a hard truth: a lot of good domain names have been taken. Here's how a naming session might work for you:

  1. In a moment of inspiration we think of a nameunbelievable.
  2. We keep this name for months, even years.
  3. It's time to start the business, so let's buy the domain.
  4. The domain is taken.
  5. We try a dozen small variations of our original idea, all taken.
  6. No problem, we thought of a brilliant name, we'll think of another.
  7. Backup idea #2 = taken.
  8. Backup idea #3 = taken.
  9. Despair sets in.
  10. We start considering names we don't really like, hoping thatanybe available.
  11. We offer 2 or 3 options that we don't like at all.
  12. Then we spend a week trying to find a name that's both available and one we can live with.
  13. Finally, we find one.

Websites have also become so integrated into our daily lives that changing the business name to match an available domain is better than choosing a low-quality domain. Through this process, I almost always end up with a completely different name than I originally intended.

This is why I consider that the stages "name my business" and "buy the domainto start a business are the same step. I try to only lock myself into one name once I have the domain.

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The good news is that the rest of these steps are a snap once you've purchased your domain. This is the first and most difficult step in creating your website.

🥀 Register your domain name

First you need to know the difference between a domain registrar and a web host. A domain registrar is a company that specializes in purchasing and registering domains.

A web host, on the other hand, specializes in running servers that host websites. This is where your website “lives”. Click on this picture to choose your domain name. Every host will desperately try to get you to registerhavea domain through it. After all, it's more money for them.

They have spent most of their resources to build a hosting service, then they offer domain registration for convenience, raise the price a bit, and collect a good chunk of your extra profit.

My philosophy is to buy things from companies that specialize in that specific thing. Prices will be better and quality too. This is why I also use a domain registrar to purchase domains and a web host for hosting. I never mix the two.

The best domain registrar

🥀 Decide what type of site you are creating

Most guides on building a website will push you to use WordPress. It is the most popular and flexible website builder. And that’s generally a good recommendation. But there are a few situations where I recommend different options.

Simple Portfolio Sites or “Business Cards”

Many businesses need a simple website that tells people a few things:

  • Who is the company for?
  • What the company does
  • Sometimes a portfolio that shows work
  • Our contact details

You need to communicate basic information, and that's it. This is what you need, Wix is ​​your best option for building your website. It is incredibly simple to use and will give you a professional site at a very low price. It’s perfect for small businesses.

They have created the simplest and easiest website builder available. Really, it's a pleasure to use, and it makes the most sense when you just need a clean, professional-looking site that gives basic information about your business. It's perfect for small businesses, freelancers, and artists.

E-commerce sites

If you plan to build an e-commerce store for your site, don't use WordPress. The short story: it rarely makes sense to use WordPress for e-commerce.

You can if you really want to, but it's not really the most optimal way to do it. The best option, by far, is again Wix. There used to be more competition in the ecommerce tools space, but Wix got too far ahead of Shopify. Here are the best ecommerce platforms.

Blogging sites

If you know you want a blog or plan to do a lot of content, start on WordPress. The majority of this guide is about creating a WordPress website.

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Most websites are really just blogs. Some of the largest and most well-known websites on the Internet are blogs. WordPress powers over 30% of the entire Internet. So this is the only real option for starting a blog these days.

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And Joomla or Drupal?

WordPress left all those other platforms in the dust about a decade ago. These aren't even legit options at this point. Choose WordPress – there's not a single situation where you'll regret it.

When I started with this thing online, Drupal sites were still pretty common. I teamed up with an engineer friend of mine and we did a lot of freelance work migrating sites from Drupal to WordPress. Even back then, WordPress was a clear winner.

Now, when I come across a site on one of these other tools, it's pretty exciting. It's like finding an ancient artifact. “This unfortunatly still exists !? How fascinating! Don’t use any of these other tools, stick to WordPress.

Everything else

If you are unsure or have another view of your site outside of the categories above, use WordPress.It's the most flexible platform out there. It will do e-commerce, it will do simple portfolios, it will do massive content sites.

You may need to customize it more than other platforms in some situations, but you can make WordPress do what you want. And just about everyone in online marketing knows WordPress, so you'll be able to find plenty of people to help you out when the time comes.

Whether you want to create your site by hand or have an online marketing agency do it for you, you should always rely on WordPress. This will shorten a lot of programming work and give you the ability to modify basic elements on your site without having to modify any code. WordPress is the standard choice.

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🥀 Get a host for your website

Now it’s time to tackle the weeds a little. The next steps really depend on your actual goals. If you want an e-commerce site, ignore the rest of this guide. For everything else, keep following this guide!

WordPress is therefore the tool you will use to create your website. But you also need a web host. This is the actual server that will store your site and make it available to anyone who visits it.

Every website on the internet is hosted on a web host. And the best place to go for most people Home Page.

Hosting plans usually start around $5/month. But from an Affiliate Link you get a discount.

🥀 Install WordPress

LWSoffers an excellent one-click install feature for WordPress. It also gives you the option to install other site builders like SiteBuilder.

The advantage is that it is incredibly simple to integrate the web host with WordPress. It should be clearly available when you log into LWS. It's my favorite host.

🥀 Point your domain to your host

Let's do a quick recap.

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  • You purchased your domain using a domain registrar.
  • Purchase a hosting plan from LWS.
  • You have installed WordPress on your host.

You will now connect all of these together by pointing your domain to your host. Then when people come to your domain, they end up on your website.

You need to apply some technical parameters. This involves configuring a few name server settings at your domain registrar for your domain. Your host will give you the correct settings; you are looking for their nameserver settings.

If you are confused, simply contact a customer service representative of the host and they will help you. Once you have your web host's name server information, go to your domain registrar and configure these settings for the domain you want to point to your site.

🥀 Install a WordPress theme

WordPress is the heart of your website. It keeps your website alive and running. Treat him well and he will treat your business well. WordPress uses themes to determine what your website looks like. This makes it really easy to change the look of your site without having to rebuild your site from scratch. Swap your old theme for a new one! Your design will be completely different.

After purchasing a theme, go to WordPress theme settings and upload your theme. Theme settings can be found under Appearance in the WordPress sidebar menu. You will need to click on "Add new" and "Download themeto see this option to download:

Go ahead and download the .zip file you received when you purchased your theme. After it’s downloaded, you’ll also need to click “activate” on the theme in WordPress to put it live.

NB: you have the possibility to get a free theme to start and buy the full version later

🥀 Add content to your website

Now it's time to create individual pages for your site. You will do this in WordPress. WordPress has two types of content: pages and posts. Think of articles as blog posts published in a “blog” section of a site. If you don't plan to have a blog, you can skip posts altogether.

Pages are the most permanent pages on your website. Like your About or Contact Us pages. When you first create your website, you want to upload a bunch of pages to make your site look real.

Every website has a few standard pages that you need to create:

  • Home pageit – Your WordPress theme usually has settings for this page.
  • Contact Us – Create a new page and install a WordPress form plugin so you can add a form to the page.
  • About the page – Tell your story and why you started your business.
  • Product or service pages – For the main services or products you offer, it's a good idea to create a dedicated page for each.
  • Blog – If you are blogging, make sure all of your posts are listed here.

This list will get you started. You can always add more later.

🥀 Continue to evolve your website

You now have a nice, fully functional site. But I'm not going to lie, there is a lot of additional configuration you can do to your site: you can add WordPress plugins that upgrade your site, create a blog, add an email list, increase traffic, list is endless.

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You don't need to do any of these extra things – it's all optional. It depends on your priorities and goals.

A website is an ever-evolving thing. The way it looks after its creation will not be what it looks like a few months later. At least that is the case if you are actively working and developing your website.

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