How to make money walking

How to make money walking

Today we are going to introduce you to some apps with which you can make money just by walking. are you ready to know how to earn money by walking? Do you know that you have the possibility of earning extra pennies just by moving from one place to another?

The truth is that apps can be useful to you because they give you motivation to walk every day, seeking a reward, which is money.

Making money a day is not part of your current routine. But whatever you do, the truth is that all of the applications that we will present to you will help you earn money simply by walking with your mobile. These apps also give you an opportunity to earn money by watching advertisements.

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Let's go!!

🌽 Apps to earn money while walking

Ask yourself why do business on the internet? You will understand that it is a EXCELLENT way to build sources of passive income. With the internet, you can even earn money just by walking. Some applications offer you this opportunity. Here are some.


We will start with WeWard. We don't promise you will become a millionaire from walking, but at least you can get more extra cash.

This application is easy to use, it pays you according to the number of steps you take and you should always keep in mind that the World Health Organization asks you to take at least 10 steps every day, which is quite possible if you use this application.

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Every step you take will be converted into digital currencies which are commonly known as wards. Then, depending on the amount you are going to accumulate, you will have the possibility to exchange it for offers, discounts, or you can also make the withdrawal to be able to use it as you see fit.

Its operation is very simple: your gains are proportional to the number of steps you take.

According to the application, a neighborhood is on average 1500 Steps and you can pass 25 neighborhoods so, 20 steps. Thanks to this platform, you have the possibility to collect up to 15 euros per week. The only thing that is required of you is to have a sufficient walking frequency.

👉Fit Potato

This app is the best because you have the option to use it for walking and counting several other exercises that will also turn into money. You could use them all at once, as they will count the steps you take independently.

This application is downloadable for iPhone version devices, which is even more interesting. It's the only one available on iOS.

The app keeps track of any workout you do or walk in its repertoire and observes your efforts so it can give you a bonus for it.

You will be able to check all the progress you are making in money for each exercise and workout you perform, for example, you have the possibility to see how much you have accumulated for a routine, or how much money you are going to pay for all the steps you took. Click here to download the app.


JoyWalk is a very easy to use application. It has within it a step counter which is automatic. It uses the sensors of a mobile phone to count the different steps you take.

The currency generally used within the platform is known as JoyCoins. To get coins you need to walk at least a thousand steps. Which may seem like a lot, but rest assured; that’s a distance you can walk inside your home every morning.

To 1052 Steps that you realize, the app will give you 1 swc, which represents the official currency of the site. But there is one condition. You will need to fill in beforehand is to walk down the street.

Be aware that the application does not have a single chance of being wrong, since it monitors your steps, but also your GPS, so keep in mind that the steps you take at home won't count.

To receive funds for the first time, you need collect 199 JoyCoins. You can receive this first payment in your account PayPal, although there are several other collection methods like: Amazon gift cards, healthy food and course coupons.

To increase your earnings, the platform has additional methods. You have the opportunity to participate in the challenges of 6 and 000 steps, thus giving a possibility of gains of 7 up to 20 JoyCoins.


winwalk  is a very reliable app that rewards users for the walking they do. It has a free pedometer that records daily steps and pays for them with gift cards or the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

As characteristics, we can cite:

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  • Automatic tracking and accurate step counting.
  • Earn 100 coins per day.
  • Very reliable secure system.
  • Use is simple.

With Winwlak, you can earn money by walking, jogging or also running. Which is very easy and safe. This application does not ask you to log in, does not record personal information, it does not use GPS, and it is also an application that does not take up space.

👉 Young-Platform-Step

With Young Platform Step, you have the opportunity to make money doing physical activities, gaming and even studying. The rewards here are Young cryptocurrencies (YNG), which you can use on the platform, to also exchange them for Bitcoin, Polkadot, Dogecoin, Ethereum, among other cryptocurrencies.

As characteristics we have:

  • Activity tracking.
  • Missions and challenges available.
  • Step recording via integrated pedometer.
  • Available for Android and iOS devices.

If you want to generate extra income by doing something like exercising or studying, you can do it with Young Platform Step. Download it and earn huge amount of cryptocurrencies.

👉 Weight Loss Bet by HealthyWage

Despite the fact that this app doesn't really pay you for walking, the number of steps you take influences what you can earn, this is the weight loss bet of Healthywage.

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Through this app you will be motivated to lose weight and one of the best ways to do this is to walk, to reap gains you must have a step by step goal with the weight you are going to lose, at that time , you will get the reward.

You have at your disposal a price calculator that will help you set goals, which will be ideal for deciding how far you should go. But be aware that the higher the goal you set, the bigger the prize to be received, and yes, it can be real money.

Finally, among the different applications available to earn money while walking, we have the pedometer that everyone likes to use: Sweatcoin.

👉 Sweatcoin

The application gives you the opportunity to accumulate coins that you can exchange for prizes and even products from the catalog. It's fun and you will also be able to get many useful things like gift cards, clothes and more.

For each 1052 Steps you are doing, the app will pay you 1swc, it is the official currency of the platform, but you must respect the condition which is to walk only in the street.

Keep in mind that the application does not have the possibility of being wrong, since it monitors your steps, but also your GPS.

🌽 Closing

Knowing that it is possible for you to make money just by walking is very beneficial to you. You gain in health and balance, because in the first place, walking allows you to maintain a balanced health.

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So being motivated to do it makes things even easier for you. Just follow our guidelines and use the right apps that we present to you and you will be satisfied.

🌽 FAQs

How to use walking apps?

To use them, it's important to have a strategy or exercise plan in place that fits your level, but is consistent. This ensures the completion of sufficient stages to be eligible for rewards.

Why do these applications pay you to walk?

The majority of these applications use the information collected to have the geographical location and have an idea of ​​the behavior of the population.

This data is used to carry out market research and draw conclusions about user behavior in order to offer better services.

It's over !! We sincerely hope that you were satisfied. But before you leave, here is how to create an irresistible commercial offer

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