How to sell your music online

Are you a musician and want to move up a gear? Do you want to sell your music online? If you want to release a single or a full album, you will need to know that you need to have a solid sales strategy in place. In fact, there are best niches on the internet to sell its services.

It can be difficult for new artists to understand where they should refer to in order to be able to sell their music on the internet. We're not talking here about simply uploading your music to the net and waiting for the influx of sales revenue.

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In this article, we'll show you how you can make selling your music online easier. But before we start, here'show to create your business on the internet

Let's go !!!

🌿⚡️The music sales sector on the internet

The arrival of the music sales sector on the Internet has led to the abandonment of the traditional physical sale of music.

Because of the recent resurgence in sales of analogue formats such as vinyl, streaming and downloads from the net remain by far the most popular form due to their convenience and low cost.

Le streaming is naturally a hot topic in the industry right now. As a model in transition, it has been the subject of several complaints of not compensating artists enough, which has aroused a great deal of skepticism among musicians.

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Indeed, streaming services have started to find their cruising speed and we cannot discuss their success and their presence in everyone.

Since the model used is completely downloading, streaming creates low incomes over a long period of time, instead of giving a single and high income stream as with downloads or traditional sales that we did before.

🌿⚡️ Where to sell your music on the internet?

Before you start selling, you will first need to decide where you want to sell your items. When it comes to selling music online, you have two options to take advantage of:

  • Listen to your music on several streaming platforms such as: Spotify and Apple Music
  • Sell ​​your music to digital download platforms like Beatport and iTunes

But, isn't it possible to mix the two?

🌿⚡️ Download platforms

Selling your music on download platforms is a great way for your fans to support your music and thus open up your fanbase to those who don't yet use streaming services.

Another advantage that you can derive from the sale of your music is the relatively low barrier to entry.

If you're new to the artist world, you won't really be able to invest in vinyl and CD pressing.

Here are now some platforms that you can use to download your music.


Being the current market leader, nearly two of all music downloads are done on this platform.

Selling your music on iTunes is actually an absolute must! In addition to this service, it offers several marketing tools that will be useful to you, such as:

  • pre-orders,
  • Titles with instant gratification.


In addition to the fact that Amazon has a music streaming service, it remains one of the most popular sites for downloading music. It offers them in MP3 download format, in addition to downloading physical formats, which are usually more expensive.

Based on the fact that Amazon's user base is huge and growing, just having your music just a click away from those users is one of the surest ways to make additional sales. .


Beatport is the oldest internet music platform for electronic dance (EDM). It makes music available to everyone in lossless formats of higher quality, which will undoubtedly bring you additional income.

One of the advantages of this platform is that it was designed to be able to facilitate the discovery of new talents.


An innovative platform, Bandcamp is an independent platform. It gives musicians the opportunity to create their own platform to sell their songs directly to fans, and this, in several digital formats, including WAV, AIFF and MP3.

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Banbcamp is the perfect place for new artists to get popular and build a good fanbase. In addition to selling their digital downloads, artists can expand their store to be able to sell CDs, records, and other merchandise.

🌿⚡️ Streaming platforms

Exponential growth is felt in subscriptions to music streaming services. The presence of your music on streaming platforms is essential for any release.

It is very important for the artists to become, because thanks to them, they will be able to be quickly known. Here are some platforms that can help you.


With more than 356 million active users and more than 158 million subscribers to date, streaming your music on Spotify is and remains an ideal option for getting your music to millions of potential new fans.

Currently, more than 8 billion dollars have already been paid to rights holders and they are expected to increase in the years to come, which will bring in an average revenue per reading. of about $0.0044, which is a real advantage if you want to increase your turnover.

⚡️YouTube Music

Previously known on Google Play Music as Google's music streaming subscription service, YouTube Music is tightly integrated with the wider YouTube platform through Art Tracks, showing that an artist can reach more than 1 billion users in the world.

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Broadcasting your music on YouTube Music is a great way to get exposure to readers, as well as earn business revenue through streaming and various advertising revenue.

⚡️Amazon Music

In addition to being a popular distributor of physical music formats, Amazon has its own subscription music streaming service.

With a huge global community, uploading your music to Amazon Music will make you popular in front of millions of potential fans.

In addition to this, it will give you access to Amazon Music for Artist, thus allowing you to claim your artist profile where you can add artist images and have a whole wealth of information regarding all of your music data. streaming and performance.

🌿⚡️ Some tips for selling your music online?

Before you even want to think about your launch and promotion activities, you will need to make sure you have clearly defined the basics of selling online.

These elements are necessary to ensure that your music is of sufficient quality and suitable for streaming and downloading online, meets the requirements of online stores and streaming platforms, and gives fans a better listening experience.

🌿 Audio file

You will naturally want your music to sound as good as possible on all online platforms.

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To distribute your music, you'll need to make sure it's recorded and downloaded as an uncompressed 16 or even 24-bit WAV file; 44.1KHz.

🌿 Zipper Pouch

It is true that the era when we were used to holding covers has disappeared with the advent of digital despite this, the visual representation of your music remains and remains very important.

If you have the option of getting a generic clutch, choosing something unique to you and your style can make a big difference! The basic necessary requirements are as follows.

  • JPEG file-30002000 pixels;
  • Must include the name of the artist as well as the title of the album;
  • Do not put any logo or additional information;
  • No violent content or nudity.

🌿Provide bundled digital and physical offers

It may happen that your album has been out for a while, you can always look for ways to promote it and generate maximum revenue.

By setting up bundled digital and physical offers, this is a way to re-engage fans and thus give them the opportunity to support you in your project.

If you have already released a CD, album or vinyl, can you offer a free digital download with any purchase? Be aware that bundles don't necessarily have to be limited to music. You have the possibility to add to this any other goods that you have.

🌿 Discounts

Are you happy to receive a discount on a purchase? If your music has been available for a long time, it is possible for you to discount and offer it at a low price for a specific period of time to stimulate sales.

It is also possible for you to offer your old albums as well as your derivative products, and this, at reduced prices.

🌿Fan Subscriptions

Once you have a large audience, you should consider expanding your revenue streams by setting up subscriptions for fans on your site.

In this case, fans will be able to support you with a monthly fee in exchange for what should be early access to new or unreleased music, even updates and exclusive content.

🌿⚡️ Conclusion

The process of selling your music online is a long-term project requiring care and attention, and if you do it right, the benefits will be enormous, and you will have a strong relationship with your fans.

You should therefore not forget to involve your fans when creating your album, to benefit as much as possible from the advantages that your website gives you and you will be satisfied. Don't forget that you can also earn money with your dog.

🌿⚡️ FAQs

Where can you sell your music on the internet?

The sales process is very precise. You have the possibility of selling your music for download on platforms or on streaming platforms.

Can we use a download platform and a streaming one?

Yes, it is quite possible to do this, for example, with Amazon to have a large reach and substantial sales revenue.

We hope that now you have a complete overview of the aspects to take into account to sell your music or album online. We would now like you to share and comment on the article to allow others to benefit from it.

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