How to stand out during recruitment

How to stand out during recruitment
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Landing the job of your dreams in Africa requires stand out from other candidates. In an ultra-competitive job market, you have to put all the chances on your side during recruitment in Africa. In fact, the job market in Africa is increasingly competitive, especially among young graduates.

Recruiters are overwhelmed with applications for each offer and you really have to stand out from the crowd to land a position. Differentiating yourself through your profile, your background and your approach becomes essential.

In this article, I reveal all my tips for making your profile and your application irresistible! Ready to beat your competitors on their home turf? But before we begin, here is How To Create Your Business On The Internet. Let's go ! 💪

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Adopt the right attitude 🧠

As in any competition, success begins with a good mental attitude. Keep in mind that you have all the abilities to land this position. It's just a question of strategy!

Be bold and show your strong motivation. Recruiters are looking for combative and committed profiles. Dare to apply even if you don't check all the boxes.

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Also be patient and persistent. A refusal is not a failure, but an additional experience. Stay confident and continue to apply tirelessly. Your determination will pay off in the end! 🙂

Take care of your profile on the networks 💻

With the development of social networks, your online profile can make all the difference. LinkedIn is essential for finding a job or internship. Complete your profile 100% : professional photo, engaging description, keywords, recommendations, relevant publications…Do you sell !

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On other networks, adopt a positive and rewarding attitude. Share your projects, successes, passions. You have to inspire a feeling of confidence and a neat and attractive profile on the web is a major asset to convince even before the interview.

Highlight your skills 💯

More than diplomas, it is your technical skills that will make the difference. Clearly identify the needs of the position and highlight your corresponding expertise.

Feel free to follow training, pass certifications to fill your gaps and strengthen your profile.

Highlight your concrete achievements, projects carried out, challenges met… which illustrate your abilities better than simple words.

To differentiate your application, create a portfolio or present personal work related to the position. Be proactive.

Care and originality in the application ✨

The content of your application is crucial to creating a good first impression.

  • RESUME : structured, concise, adapted to the position, mostly on 1 page
  • Cover letter : personalized, motivated, highlighting your strengths
  • Impeccable spelling
  • Touch of creativity, welcome (design, video, visuals, etc.)

Show that you have thought about the best strategy to respond to this offer. The quality of your documents reveals your seriousness.

Pass the technical tests 📝

Some recruitments include written or computer-based technical tests to assess your skills: code, languages, software, general knowledge, etc.

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Prepare in advance so you aren't caught off guard. Practice similar exercises. Review your knowledge. During the test, read each question carefully, think before answering, manage your time. Give the best of yourself!

These tests must confirm that you have the required skills. You have to approach them seriously to win them with flying colors!

Impress in an interview 💼

The interview remains the decisive moment to tip the scales in your favor. Be confident and show your motivation. Find out in-depth about the company and the position to demonstrate your interest. Prepare relevant questions to ask.

Be positive, smile and listen. Adapt your speech to the interlocutors and promote your background. After the interview, send a personalized email to thank the recruiter and confirm your motivation. These details matter!

Play on your difference ✨

In Africa, positive discrimination can work in your favor. Do not hesitate to highlight your gender, age, disability, origin to promote diversity.

A female engineer, a forty-year-old executive or a young graduate can stand out positively compared to other candidates. Also highlight your knowledge of foreign languages ​​or other cultures, which is highly sought after in an international context.

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Highlight your human qualities, your empathy and your ability to unite to give a positive image.

Focus on your relationships 🤝

Le networking is essential to get a job, especially in Africa. Use your contacts on networks and in real life.

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Participate in events and conferences to meet professionals in the sector. Stay connected with your old colleagues and school classmates. Do not hesitate to directly ask company employees for an internal opinion or recommendation.

Your connections are ambassadors for your application and additional opportunities to get THE job!

Persevere despite failures 💪

Don't be discouraged if your first applications are rejected. Persevere and maintain confidence in yourself! Analyze what went wrong to improve. Increase your applications, vary the types and sizes of companies targeted. Expand your geographic search area.

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If necessary, accept a temporary position while waiting for something better or an internship to gain experience. With determination, you will eventually find that rare gem. Don't give up!

Know your rights 📜

In Africa, it is common for recruitment practices to be unethical: intrusive questions, discrimination, nepotism… Know the legislation well to spot sprains. YOU you don't have to answer to certain questions.

If you feel you have been wronged, do not hesitate to file an appeal. Many NGOs can support you in these procedures. A candidate who is assertive about his rights can change mentalities. Your voice counts!

In summary 🔁

Succeeding in getting noticed among the multitude of candidates is essential to land a job in Africa today. Fortunately, this mission is not impossible with the right strategy.

Throughout this article, we have seen the many techniques that will allow you to enhance your profile and your application to impress recruiters: take care of your online presence, highlight your skills, personalize your approach, excel in tests, use your network …

By adopting the right reflexes and tips, you will boost your chances of landing an interview and then converting the test. Maintain self-confidence, persistence and be creative to stand out. Your dream job in Africa is waiting for you !

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