How to use online tools to rephrase text

How to use online tools to rephrase a text

The need to rephrase a text can arise in different situations. On the one hand, the writers may need to rephrase the text in order to make it more appealing or if they need to make it plagiarism free. However, manually rephrasing content can take a bit of time. The writer must first read the text in order to understand its meaning and context.

Then they need to add synonyms, change sentence structures, and make other types of edits in order to edit them correctly.

Compared to this long process, today there is a much faster alternative, namely online reformulation tools. These tools allow you to boost your content.

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What are reformulation tools?

Rephrasing tools are pretty much what they sound like. These are online tools designed to edit given text by replacing original words with synonyms, shuffling sentence order and editing sentences.

The exact number and type of modifications may vary from tool to tool. These tools are more effective for rephrase a text as they can complete the process much faster compared to a human. However, since these tools work on an automated algorithm, they lack the spontaneity of a real person… whereby they can make contextual errors.

How online tools facilitate the reformulation process

Now that we've finished looking at what these tools actually are, let's see how they can help ease the reformulation process.

1. Online tools allow you to easily import content

In manual rephrasing, you first need to grab the content, read it, understand it, and then you can move on to editing the words, phrases and sentences, etc.

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However, with online tools, the start-up step is much easier and simpler. Simply import your content into the tool either by typing it directly or by copying and pasting it into the space provided.

If you use a tool that allows you to directly upload a file from your local storage or import one from the cloud, you can also take advantage of this feature to make things easier and faster.

2. Online tools allow you to adjust the output via modes

This is actually not something you can enjoy with every rephrasing tool. But many of them offer this feature. Essentially, some reformulation tools give you the option to select a mode before starting the process. Each of the modes has a different kind of functionality, and they can be useful in different sorts of situations.

3. Online tools can rephrase text in seconds

This is perhaps the biggest advantage you can get when using online tools to rephrase text.

Compared to manual paraphrasing, using a tool is much faster. Most of the tools complete the whole process in seconds while some can take a minute at most.

It may depend on how many words you put in, but again, many online tools come with input limits. Due to these limits, the user is not allowed to enter content if it exceeds 500 words ou 1 words. Some tools may even provide a limit of up to 2 words ou 5 words.

4. Online tools help you easily verify and finalize content

In most online rephrasing tools, text edits and changes are highlighted or underlined. This makes them easy to spot.

Once your content is rewritten, you can easily check the changes that have been made by the tool. You will no longer need to carefully read the input and output to compare them. You can only see highlighted words.


Rewording a piece of content on your own can be a bit time consuming and arduous. You can make things faster and easier by using a dedicated online tool for the same job.

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However, we have to be honest and straightforward about one thing. Although manual paraphrasing takes more time, there is no chance of getting popup errors in this method. Since the work is done by an intelligent human being, there is no room for contextual errors.

On the other hand, since rephrasing tools work on a predefined algorithm, they can make different kinds of errors regarding the context and the overall meaning of the input.

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