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How to win with exact scores at 1xbet

Placing Bets on Correct Scores is one of the hardest decisions, which is not very popular with gamers. The chances of winning are very low, which makes it the prerogative of a chosen few. But first, you will have to create an account on 1xbet.

Bookmaker statistics show that a bet out of 100 with a correct score passes. Most players prefer to bet on lower odds which are safer and possible.

An exact score bet allows you to place money on the potential outcome of a sporting event. Obviously, some players will tell you that it is necessarily easier to guess who will win the match, than finding the exact score of this meeting.

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Even if this type of bet can present some difficulties to beginners, know that it is undoubtedly, the favorite prediction of the biggest players.

win with exact scores at 1xbet

Indeed, you should know that the minimum rating for an exact score on the end of a match is 6. Enough to attract bettors who wish to obtain larger winnings. Furthermore, using this type of bet allows you many betting possibilities. For example, online bookmakers can offer you the opportunity to find:

  • The exact score at the end of the regulation time,
  • The exact score at the end of a half-time,
  • The exact difference in number goals,
  • An exact score from a list of 3 results given in advance.

An advantage of this type of bet is that you can get your money back if you lose. But there is one condition. You must create your account with an official promo code.

Our partnership with 1xbet has allowed us to have a queues 10% cashback promo on the total amount of losses. Use this promo code: Faust. In this article we will help you and show you how to make a successful bet on the exact or correct score.

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Let's go !!

💸 What is the exact score in sports betting?

The exact score bet is the big trend of the moment. Its principle is easy to assimilate. Even beginners can handle it, but it is also the type of bet where it is more difficult to succeed.

More concretely, the exact score aims to accurately guess the final result of sporting events. This then means that you must find the raw result, in particular the victory of team 1, the victory of team 2 or even a draw.

You must also accurately estimate the number of goals and the number of points scored by each team to be able to hope for gains. In any case, the 1XBET exact score remains the most widespread and the most offered by online bookmakers. Also, the exact score bet can come in different forms.

We then find the exact score during regulation time, the exact score at half-time, the exact score at the end of any overtime, the multi-choice exact score and the exact score adapted in particular to other sports. It's like bet on FIFA games on 1xbet

If you do not yet have an account on 1xbet, just click here.

🌿 Types of correct score bets

It is not always easy to venture into sports betting when you have no knowledge of this type of game. There are also various derivatives of betting techniques which are quite complex for novices.

For exact score bets in particular, there are several types of bets each with advantages and disadvantages.

♻️Correct score 1st half

For the exact score 1st half, the principle is simple. You make predictions on the goals that may occur during the first half. More concretely, you will find the best goal estimates to optimize your earnings.

For football, for example, we make predictions of goals scored in the first 45 minutes.

This is also one of the best known and most popular bets for the good reason that it can be very profitable. Moreover, it is interesting on the vast majority of team sports.

♻️Correct score 2nd half

The second half bet, as its name suggests, aims to predict the result that can be obtained during the second half period, in particular until the end of regulation time.

In this type of bet, the player can only choose one prediction among the possible predictions.

First there is the prognosis "1" which corresponds to the victory of the first team, the forecast " NOT " which corresponds to a draw and finally the forecast "2" which mainly corresponds to the victory of the second team.

♻️Correct half time/end score

Also called half-time betting, the half-time/end bet aims to bet on the result of a sporting match at half-time, then at the end of regulation time.

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The latter is very popular for football, but it is also available for different disciplines, namely Basketball, Rugby and Handball.

More often than not, the odds are too low for the team's victory and it's worth betting. Moreover, odds are automatically higher in this type of bet and this adds to the charms of the game.

But if you're going to watch a one-sided game, it's best to bet on a victory for the chosen team at halftime.

♻️Correct Score + Scorer

More and more bettors are betting on online bookmakers. For their part, prediction sites regularly diversify their services in order to offer even more fun experiences.

Among many others, there is betting on a goalscorer as part of a correct score bet. First, you must select a football match and the bookmaker will offer you a list of players likely to score a goal during the match.

If the player of your choice scores an own goal, you will have no gain. There are also some bookmakers who void the bet if the player of your choice does not start the match even if he scores goals. As for other bookmakers, they only take the bet into account when the player enters the pitch.

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♻️Correct Score Multichance

The exact score bet also includes the multichance bet. It's sort of a breakdown of the classic exact score bet. More concretely, when a player bets on the exact score of a match, he must succeed in finding the first attempt.

The particularity of the multichance exact score lies above all in the possibility of betting on 3 exact scores during a single and the same Exact Score! Being quite easy to understand, this type of bet is unanimous among bettors.

💸 The process to make an exact score bet on 1xbet

Do you want to bet on the exact score of a sporting match? Do not panic, there is nothing simpler:

  • Register on 1XBET and validate your account.
  • Deposit money and enjoy a welcome bonus for risk-free betting. You will need to use a promo code in order to benefit from this bonus. Use this one: faust.
  • Select a meeting of your choice and analyze the best odds.
  • Select the score you want and place money on his rating.
  • Wait until the end of the match to find out if you have won your prediction.

🌿Correct Score Tips – Winning Tips

As you can see, there is no miracle in obtaining an exact and 100% reliable score. However, there are a few techniques worth noting to maximize your earning prospects.

First of all, there are specific disciplines on which exact score bets are particularly interesting.

This is, for example, the case of soccer and ice hockey. As for basketball, American football, handball and rugby, it would be best to focus more on point spread bets.

Furthermore, it is important to take the time to carefully determine matches likely to be closed. Indeed, it is better to predict a 0-0 or a 1-0 rather than taking the risk of betting on a 4-2 or a 3-3.

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win with exact scores at 1xbet

In any case, the characteristics of the opposing teams must be taken into account in order to be able to estimate the most precise results possible. Furthermore, betting on several scores in same time is not forbidden to limit the risks as best as possible. Finally, you don't need bet large sums of money and lose big if your predictions are not good.


🏅 On which sites can I find the best odds for an exact score bet?

The best sites to make an exact score bet are 1xbet, Betwinner et 888Starz. They are the ones who offer the most interesting odds and the greatest number of bets. We offer you a top list of the best bookmakers to help you in your choice.

🤞 What are my chances of winning a bet on an exact score?

Your chances of winning your bet on an exact score depend on many factors including the sport in question, the number of goals/points you want to bet on, the teams on the pitch, your luck that day…

🤩 How high are the odds for exact score bets?

Generally, on bookmakers, the odds vary between 6 and 12 depending on the difficulty of the bet for an exact score bet. Before leaving you, here isTop 7 best AMP plugins

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