Increase web traffic with backlinks


In the world ultra-competitive nature referencingl, standing out on search engines is become essential for websites wishing to gain more visibility and generate qualified traffic. One of the most effective SEO strategies to achieve this is backlink optimization, also called inbound links.

Get quality backlinks from partner sites helps to strengthen the popularity and authority of a site in the eyes of Google. This amplifies the chances of appearing in the first positions of the search results pages for strategic keywords.

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  • But how do you get those valuable backlinks?
  • What are the characteristics of inbound links that will really positively impact the SEO of a site?
  • How to analyze and optimize your backlink profile over time?

In this article, discover a step-by-step methodology for setting up a effective backlink strategy.

I will explain to you what types of backlinks to acquire, how to obtain them naturally, the tools to measure them, as well as the best practices to optimize them over time.

Let's go !!

🎯 What is a backlink?

A backlink, or inbound link, is a hyperlink from another web page and pointing to your site or a specific page on your site. Different types of sites can provide backlinks: blogs, forums, directories, information sites, social networks, etc.

Backlinks are one of the factors the most importants for SEO in search engines, particularly Google. Indeed, Google interprets backlinks as a vote of confidence and popularity. Therefore, the more backlinks your site receives, the more it will be considered relevant and well positioned in the SERPs.

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Beyond SEO, backlinks generate direct visits by referring people to your pages from other sites. They also strengthen your site’s credibility and brand awareness. In addition, receiving backlinks from influential sites helps inspire confidence in visitors.

There are many sources of backlinks: mentions in blog articles, shares on social networks, quotes on forums, submission directories, comments on info sites, link exchanges, etc. Vary the sources of backlinks is positive.

A robust backlinks strategy requires continuous time and effort, but it is one of the best investments in terms of ROI to sustainably increase traffic and visibility. Identify the best opportunities in relation to your audience and produce quality content to obtain lasting backlinks.

🎯 Why are backlinks important for SEO?

Backlinks are considered by Google as an indicator of popularity and trust. The more backlinks a page receives, the more popular it becomes in the eyes of Google. These links are a social signal of relevant and quality content.


The number and quality of backlinks pointing to a web page remains one of the most important ranking factors used by Google. Authority backlinks help you gain positions, while links from unreliable sites will penalize you.

Backlinks make it possible to circulate PageRank, the Google algorithm which evaluates the popularity of a page on a scale from 0 to 10. An influential site that has a high PageRank and links to you will transfer part of its pagerank to your page.

Links placed on pages targeting your audience can send qualified visitors directly to your site. Even though it's not organic traffic, these backlinks act as a efficient acquisition channel.

In short, a solid backlinks strategy allows you to act on both on-page and off-page factors to improve your SERP positions, increase your traffic, and be perceived as a reference in your sector. Optimizing backlinks therefore deserves continuous efforts.

🎯 How to get relevant backlinks?

There are many techniques to generate backlinks pointing to your website. Here are 5 of the most common:

1. Guest articles

Le guest posting, or guest article in French, is a technique which consists of being published as an author on other blogs and websites in your niche. The aim is to bring relevant value-added content for their audiences, in exchange for a backlink pointing to your website.

The first step is to identify a shortlist of leading sites and blogs on your themes that can accommodate external contributions. Study each site carefully to adapt your approach. Then contact their editor or content editor by email to offer your article services.

Once the opportunity has been validated, write your article respecting the site's editorial guidelines: length, theme, editorial style. Make sure that the content provides strong added value to their readership and corresponds to the editorial positioning, while integrating a backlink to your site in a natural and non-promotional way.

If your article meets their quality criteria, it will be published on the blog accompanied by your bio including backlink. To maximize the impact, forward the article to your own audience and on your social networks. Don’t hesitate to collect reader satisfaction testimonials.

Ensure over time that the backlink remains active, that the content is not unpublished. By providing lasting value to the community of each partner site through other guest articles or relevant contributions, you will increase your chances of preserving backlinks there in the long term.

2. Directories and directories

Directories and directories list websites by categories and subcategories. They work like indexes allowing Internet users to easily find sites on specific themes.

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Submitting your site to general public directories (Google MyBusiness, Botw, Yahoo! Directory) is recommended to acquire diversified backlinks. Complete your files by entering multiple keywords, precise description, good title, and relevant categories.

Even more interesting, locate vertical directories, blogs and specialized directories in your sector, generally with more qualified traffic and good credibility with experts in the field. Make very targeted submissions on these niches after an in-depth search for opportunities.

Once accepted, optimize your presence: add secondary keywords, expand the description by highlighting your added value, integrate additional well-contextualized internal links. A regular work update is required.

Ensure tracking over time of visits from each directory. Filter traffic quality and conversion rate based on sources. Evaluate the concrete contribution of backlinks per directory in terms of SEO to concentrate your efforts on the directories adding the most value.

3. Press quotes

Press citations are a powerful way to acquire backlinks for your site. When your business or website is mentioned in online news articles, it creates opportunities to get links to your site.

These links from reputable sources increase your site's credibility in the eyes of search engines and can improve your ranking in search results.

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To get press citations, you can contact relevant journalists and bloggers in your field, offer them interesting news or press releases, and encourage them to mention your site in their articles. It is important to ensure that citations are natural and relevant, in order to guarantee the quality of the backlinks obtained.

4. Profiles on social networks and forums

Creating profiles on social media and forums can be an effective way to acquire backlinks for your site. By creating a complete profile and including a link to your site, you can get a quality link from these platforms.

Make sure you choose social networks and forums relevant to your niche or industry, in order to reach your target audience. By actively participating in these online communities, sharing useful content and interacting with other members, you can also increase your chances of getting backlinks naturally.

Keep in mind that it is important to respect the rules and policies of the platforms you create profiles on, in order to maintain a positive and credible online presence.

5. Valuable content

Valuable content is essential for attracting quality backlinks to your site. When you create informative, useful, and relevant content, other sites and bloggers are more likely to share it and link to your site.

For develop valuable content, identify the needs and interests of your target audience, conduct in-depth research on your business area and offer unique insights, practical tips, case studies or in-depth analyses. Make sure your content is well structured, easy to read and visually appealing.

By sharing your content on social media, sending it to industry influencers or publishing it on specialist sites, you increase the chances of it being discovered and shared, which can generate valuable backlinks for your site.

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🎯 Characteristics of quality backlinks

All backlinks do not bring the same benefit in terms of SEO. To improve your SEO effectively, it is advisable to acquire backlinks with the following characteristics:

Site Authority: The authority of a site is generally measured by indicators such as Google PageRank, Moz Domain Authority (DA) or Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR). The higher the authority of the site, the more valuable the backlink will be considered.

Thematic relevance: Backlinks from sites with a similar or complementary theme to yours are considered more relevant. For example, if you have a health site and you get a backlink from a reputable medical site, this makes your link more relevant.

Context of the link: Backlinks integrated naturally into a site's content are considered more valuable than links placed in link sections or advertisements. Contextual links tend to have a better SEO impact.

Diversity of sources: Having backlinks from different sources is beneficial. This may include links from websites, blogs, forums, social networks, directories, etc. A diversity of sources tells Google that your site is liked and recommended by different online players.

Text anchor: Anchor text is the clickable text used to create a link. It is better to have relevant and varied text anchors, rather than systematically using the same phrase or keyword. This gives an impression of naturalness and authenticity to search engines.

Natural and organic: Backlinks obtained naturally, that is to say without manipulation or purchase of links, are considered more authentic and have a positive impact on your SEO. Search engines prefer links that are earned through the quality of the content and the value you provide to your audience.

🎯 Tools to analyze and track your backlinks

It is essential to precisely analyze the backlinks pointing to your site to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your inbound link profile. Some useful tools:

Google Search Console

This free tool provides valuable information about the backlinks pointing to your site. You can see the number of links, referring sites, linked pages, as well as anchor texts used. It also allows you to submit new links or report spam links.


It is one of the most comprehensive tools for backlink analysis. It provides detailed data on backlinks, including their number, quality, authority, text anchors used, and linked pages. You can also track the performance of your backlinks over time and monitor new links acquired.

Moz Link Explorer

This tool from Moz offers in-depth backlink analysis. It provides information on referring domains, anchor text, backlink quality, and potential link opportunities. You can also track your backlink performance and monitor lost or newly acquired links.


This versatile tool offers comprehensive backlink analysis functionality. It provides information on referring domains, anchor texts, lost or newly acquired links, and statistics on backlink quality. You can also compare your backlinks with those of your competitors and find new link opportunities.

Majestic SEO

This tool mainly focuses on backlink analysis. It provides detailed data on referring domains, anchor texts, lost or newly acquired links, as well as metrics to evaluate the quality of backlinks. You can explore the backlink profile of a specific site and gain useful information for your strategy.

These SEO tools offer a variety of features to analyze and track your backlinks, allowing you to optimize your strategy and improve the quality of your inbound links.

They help you detect possible problems to be corrected and new opportunities to seize to strengthen your linkbuilding strategy.

🎯 Closing

At the end of this article, you have an overview of good practices for implementing an effective backlinks strategy.

We have seen that backlinks are essential elements of SEO, that build a website's authority and drive direct traffic. To reap all the benefits, it is essential to acquire quality backlinks, placed naturally on relevant and influential sites.

Several techniques make it possible to obtain these precious inbound links: guest articles, press quotes, directories, contributions on the networks, etc. Regular analysis of its backlinks profile via dedicated tools is also essential for identify areas for improvement.

To quickly improve loading speed and user experience, using a plugin such as WP Rocket on WordPress is very efficient.

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