Mistakes to avoid in a job interview

Mistakes to avoid in a job interview

The job interview is a perilous exercise which can generate a lot of apprehension. Candidate, you find yourself facing a recruiter with the objective of convincing him that you are The person that he is looking for for the position. 💪👔

The pressure is at its peak, because you know full well that your every move is being evaluated. On the razor wire, it's easy to lose your way and commit crippling blunders. 😰

According to a recent study, 67% of recruiters believe they have already rejected a candidate because of an error made during the interview. The stakes are therefore high!

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In order to maximize your chances of getting the job, it is essential to identify the main pitfalls to avoid during this decisive face-to-face. ❌🙅‍♀️

In this article, I offer you an overview of the most common job interview blunders and tips for preventing them.

You will discover in particular:

  • The crucial importance of preparation in advance 📚📝
  • Basic rules regarding punctuality and dress 🕰👔
  • Tips for adopting good behavior 🤝🧘‍♀️
  • Answers to avoid to trick questions 🙊
  • How to highlight your profile 💪👍
  • The essential questions to ask the recruiter 🙋‍♀️
  • The crippling oddities to be avoided 🙅‍♀️❌

With these tips, you'll know how to approach your next interview with confidence to succeed with flying colors ! 😎👍

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So take note, and no more missteps will compromise your future interviews. But before we begin, here's how Investing in real estate step by step. Let's go !

Preparation, the key to success

One of the major mistakes is showing up for an interview without prior preparation 😣. However, it is essential to find out about the company and the desired position in advance.

  • Gather information about the organization's history, values, products/services and culture 💡.
  • Analyze the title carefully and job description 📋.
  • Think about your skills and experience relevant to the missions ✏️.
  • Prepare concrete examples to illustrate your professional achievements 💪.
  • Practice answering typical interview questions ✅.

Coming with your hands in your pockets without having taken the time to prepare is the best way to miss your shot. Do your homework !

Punctuality and deportment, guarantees of professionalism

Another crucial element: arrive on time on the big day! 🕑 Being late sends a very bad signal. Plan to arrive 10 minutes early so as not to start your interview with a bad impression.

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Similarly, take care of your clothing 👔👗. Opt for something comfortable but appropriate for the position in question. Avoid overly casual or extravagant outfits that could damage your credibility.

Adopt the right behavior

Body language, attitude, communication… Everything about you must inspire professionalism and enthusiasm.

  • Be smiling, warm and show enthusiasm in your interactions 😊.
  • Adopt an open and dynamic posture (not slouched in your chair!) 💪.
  • Shake your interlocutor's hand firmly 🤝.
  • Maintain assured and caring eye contact 👀.
  • Speak clearly and distinctly.
  • Listen carefully to the questions asked before answering them 👂.
  • Control your stress, don't let yourself be overwhelmed by emotion, breathe calmly 🧘‍♀️.

Demonstrate your true motivation for the position, your human and relational qualities.

Frank but thoughtful answers

Avoid lying or exaggerating your job interview skills 🤥. If a question makes you uncomfortable, ask if you can think about it before answering. But don't start talking nonsense under pressure!

Just be sincere, nuanced and frank in your answers 🗣. Use concrete facts and examples. Do not hesitate to highlight your qualities and achieves with confidence, without arrogance.

If you don't know the answer to a question, do not panic 😰. Honestly say you don't know rather than making up something absurd. However, offer to explore these aspects in greater depth if you are recruited.

Knowing how to highlight your strengths

A job interview should allow you to enhance your profile, not to denigrate him 😉. This is the time to highlight your skills, your most significant experiences, your motivation.

Prepare positive professional examples in advance to tell about the big day. Draw on your past achievements to illustrate your ability to succeed in the proposed missions.

Be confident about your strengths while remaining objective. Avoid excuses like “I’m bad at…” 🙅‍♂️. Instead, focus on your qualities and your potential for progression.

Know the position, the company and its challenges

He's essential to find out about the position, the recruiting company and its sector of activity before any interview 🧐. You must understand its challenges, its functioning and its problems.

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You will be able to show how your profile and your skills correspond to the needs 👍. Also think about concretely projecting yourself into the position: how you envision it, your first actions, your ideas for progress, etc.

A total lack of knowledge of the position or the employer will make you a very unconvincing candidate, for sure ! 😬

Know how to ask relevant questions

The interview must be an exchange. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the position, the team, development prospects, HR policy 🙋‍♀️…

Select your questions carefully in advance to demonstrate your interest and thoughtfulness. Avoid questions that are too focused on salary and benefits which would give the impression of superficiality 💰.

Your questions will serve to fuel the discussion and gather key information for your decision-making. Take this chance to show your commitment!

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A few oddities to avoid

Certain pitfalls should be avoided during the interview:

  • Phone ringing or left on the table 📱
  • Chewing gum or other food 🍬
  • Displaced familiarities 😜
  • Criticisms about the former employer 🙄
  • Purely financial arguments 💵
  • Obvious lack of motivation ❌
  • Complaints, anger, aggression 😡

Adopt a positive, friendly and engaging attitude. Keep in mind that this moment should allow you to showcase yourselves with mutual respect.

With preparation and good behavior, you will minimize the risk of blunders! Courage, you can do it 💪😎.


The job interview is a demanding exercise for the candidate. Finding yourself in front of the recruiter and having to showcase yourself in a few minutes represents a real challenge. 💪👔

It is therefore essential to be well prepared to maximize your chances of success. This preparation includes identifying common errors to avoid. 😰❌

In this article, we have reviewed the most common errors and, above all, the ways to prevent them. From punctuality to sincerity to motivation, all aspects of your interview attitude have been addressed.🕰👔

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Now there are no more excuses bad surprises ! With these tips, you will know exactly how to behave in front of the recruiter to demonstrate that you are the ideal candidate. 😎👍

So don't be afraid of the decisive face-to-face meeting and learn from your experiences. With practice, you will be able to develop automatisms to best manage this key moment of recruitment. Believe in yourself and your abilities, it's already half the job... 💪

I will wish the best of success in your next interviews. You are ready to seize the next opportunity of your dream!

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