Secrets to making money on TikTok

Secrets to making money on TikTok

Nowadays the social networks are part of our daily life. For those of us who have the opportunity to go on the internet every day, it is difficult if not impossible to do without these social networks. These include, among others, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn for some and Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, TikTok, etc. for others. You can make money on TikTok. However, you can also make money with apps similar to TikTok.

These networks are however necessary evils because they can harm us when misused. It therefore becomes necessary to make good use of them and above all to make them profitable.

In fact, it has become convenient and easy to earn a lot of money on these networks. Even on TikTok, one of the latest most famous social networks, you can also earn money.

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With so much loss of income due to the coronavirus, people are looking for new sources of income and earning potential. Social media has become a source of income for many influencers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

In fact, there are TikTok money calculators that give you an estimate of how much money a public TikTok account has. 

Among these people are in the first row, Addison Rae Easterling who won 5 million last year on this same platform. But how do you make money on TikTok? What is the price to pay ?

????What is TikTok?

TikTok is an application used to create and share short videos. It was originally called Douyin and was released in September 2016 in China. According to Oberlo, it currently has over 900 million monthly active users on the platform.

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Like on Instagram, the main reason is influencer marketing. Thanks to this, people who can influence others can earn money just by using their TikTok account.

According to my analyses, TikTok would be a more powerful tool than Instagram in terms of digital marketing. THE " Stories Instagram videos are somewhat similar to TikTok videos, but they expire after 24 hours.

This is where TikTok is powerful. TikTok is actually similar to YouTube. Which means you can post a video today, but the algorithm picks it up months later and starts serving that video to the feed of people who want it.

The fact that your videos don't disappear has a lot of power because it can drive a lot of traffic.

That's why, sometimes people get millions of views on their TikTok videos with very few subscribers. Again, there is a lot of interest and not much content.

So the algorithm pushes it to the people it thinks will be receptive to that content. Lo and behold you wake up with millions of views with very few followers.

If you want to opt for this way of making money, follow the steps mentioned below. Before presenting these steps to you, I recommend that you read our article on How to make money on Instagram?

???? Look first for popularity, notoriety

Do you want to win some money, build your market. This is the most important phase if you want to make money on networks in general.

This is very easily explained in marketing since you need a market on which you will advertise or sell. To have this notoriety, here are the steps to follow:

🎯 Step 1: Create your brand

Anyone who has ever taken a marketing course knows the basics. It's the same with any business you start.

  • Who are you and who will like your product (target market)? For TikTok, that means having an idea of ​​what kind of videos you'll be posting and being consistent.
  • Will your videos be fun?
  • Or are you looking for a romantic and airy atmosphere?
  • How do you want people to see you?

These are some questions you need to answer when creating your brand. This first step must be taken well.

🎯 Step 2: Publish content people want to watch

Like all social media platforms, you are only as good as your content. Being a social influencer, whether on Instagram, Twitter or TikTok, takes a lot of work. Your content must be fresh, interesting, unique and up to date.

This means several new videos, every day. So you have to post every day.

🎯 Step 3: Seek to get subscribers

This is probably the most important and difficult step in my opinion. Everything depends on the correct execution of steps 1 and 2. Do you remember Easterling? She has over 54 million followers on TikTok. However, estimates range from 10 to one million subscribers before you can actually monetize your account.

The best way to get subscribers is to understand what your target market wants to see and upload quality content to them several times a day. Once you achieve great popularity on TikTok, you can start earning real money. I tell you about it.

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????How much do TikTokers earn?

The amount you earn on TikTok highly depends on how you operate the app and integrate your strategies. A common denominator between these strategies is creating an enthusiastic and engaged audience. When you do this, brand partners are more likely to make the first move and approach you.

To earn money directly on TikTok, you must be 18 years of age or older, have more than 10 000 subscribers and have at less than 100 views in the last 30 days. You can then apply for the TikTok Creator Fund in the app.

But just like painting a picture or determining your ex's relationship status, making money on TikTok requires a bit of creativity.

While there are official app-funded ways to make money, there are plenty of other ways to make money on the platform even if you don't have a ton of followers.

Like social media creators active on other platforms, many TikTok users have already reached financial success thanks to the application. And while TikTok may seem like a new frontier, the strategies you can use to make money will probably sound familiar.

There are many ways to make money on TikTok (see below), and how you monetize your account will determine your earnings.

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???? Earn TikTok Money well said

This addictive app for young people and gaining popularity around the world, can it help you earn money and start an e-commerce business? The answer is simple: yes. I show you all the ways to do it step by step.

✔️ Influencer marketing

 You've probably heard this before, and it's similar across all social platforms.

The company hires influencers to use their videos to promote their products/services/brand, hoping to generate sales. In fact, one of the ways to earn money on TikTok is to become an influencerr.

 One of the biggest influencer campaigns on TikTok was Mucinex, which worked with several influencers to promote its product between Halloween and flu season. In the various videos, the influencers wake up looking like goofy zombies. Afterwards, they catch Mucinex.

After that, the videos cater to influencers looking fabulous and dressed for the club. The idea is that Mucinex can help you recover in time for a weekend party, even if you feel like dying.

✔️ Sponsored content posts

Based on information from the iconosquare site, you can gain average $1 to $2 for each sponsored view on TikTok. Once you have created a following in the app, you can communicate with the brands and offer their services.

The best part is that you don't need to have millions of subscribers before you can get into brands.

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What you need is a few thousand engaged followers and you're good to go. Find brands that want to grow their presence on TikTok and reach out to them.

✔️ You launch on your own account

Once you become a very popular TikTok star, you can create your own line of makeup products, clothes, etc. You can also use your fame to launch your career.

The good news is that you don't need thousands of subscribers before you can sell your own products or services. Similar to other social media platforms, you can use TikTok to promote your business or store.

Honestly, the secret is to create engaging content that grabs your customers' attention. Even with 100 subscribers, you can start making sales through the platform.

For example, you can run a beauty product business, create creative 15 second makeup tutorials and post them on TikTok. Same for other products.

✔️ Make money on TikTok as a Consultant

If you're an expert on all things TikTok, many need your advice. As this social platform is still relatively new, people will pay money to hire you as a consultant to help them create their strategy, build their brand, and boost their followers.

Either way, for those looking to make a living from TikTok, proceed as you would with any business venture. Just do your research and be smart.

✔️Run TikTok Ads

The bulk of TikTok users havebetween 18 and 24 years old. This makes TikTok a solid advertising choice for brands who want to market their products to the Generation Z.

TikTok Ads come with easy and powerful tools to help you advertise to users. ad formats vary by region.

However, all allow you to personalize your targeting based on age, location, interests, and other factors. You can select one or more formats that best suit your brand. The most popular types of TikTok ads include:

In-feed video: appear on the For You page of TikTok users who meet your targeting settings.

Trademark takeover: this allows your ad to span the full width of the screen for a few seconds. It then becomes an in-feed video ad.

Hashtag Challenges: create engaging challenges that encourage user-generated content. These challenges appear in the Discovery section on TikTok. This option is only available for managed brands that work with TikTok sales representatives.

There are several other types of TikTok ads that you can experiment with. However, note that some are only available for certain types of accounts.

✔️Become a sponsored content creator

To become a sponsored content creator, you must first develop a large and engaged subscriber base. Once you've built your community, you can reach out to brands to discuss a collaboration.

Brands can pay you to create sponsored content, such as promotional videos or sponsored posts.

✔️ Collect tips or donations

TikTok has introduced a tipping feature that allows some creators to earn money through tips and donations. Fans can use this feature to show their appreciation to creators they love.

Video giveaways allow viewers to send virtual gifts and coins to creators. Some creators can collect gifts during a live stream. Gifts can be exchanged for diamonds, TikTok's digital currency.

When you save enough diamonds, you can exchange them for real money.

Creators can also use tipping platforms to earn money. Tipeee, Ko-fi and Buy Me a Coffee can be connected to your TikTok account to function as a tip jar.

After accumulating enough coins, it is possible to withdraw or redeem the money from a minimum of 25 euro = 3125 coins up to a maximum of 1000 euros = 125 coins per week.

✔️ Get payments from the TikTok Creator Fund

This is the app-approved money-making method we were talking about earlier. On July 22, 2020, TikTok announced its new Creator Fundpledging to donate US$200 million to “encourage those who dream of using their voice and creativity to spark inspiring careers.”

The internet — and the world — ate it up, and only a week later they announced the fund would grow to US$1 billion by 2023.

So, how to get your hands on this creator's money? The application has a few boxes that you need to tick before you can apply:

  • Be located in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain or Italy
  • To have at least 18 years old
  • At least 10 000 subscribers on the account
  • Have at less than 100 views videos in the last 30 days
  • Have an account that follows the TikTok Community Guidelines and Terms of Service

You can apply for the Creator Fund through the app, as long as you have TikTok Pro (the best things in life.

✔️ TikTok Bonus

TikTok Bonuses is a new way TikTok has used to make money through sponsorships. That is, you can earn money simply by inviting your friends and family to join the platform using your referral code.

The money collected can be exchanged by PayPal or sent directly to your bank account. This new feature is displayed on your profile at the top left in the form of a gold coin or next to the videos. If you don't see it, the app may need to be updated or may not be available in your country yet.

If you click on the icon, you can click on the word " Invite " to start sharing your referral link and earn points for each user who manages to download the app from your referral link.

✔️Be more active with LIVE

If you are a student, this silver necklace is absolutely your first choice. The silver color will show your vitality and your youth. exceed 1000 subscribers, you may have the option to enable live streams. It can be a great opportunity to earn a lot of coins through virtual gifts that other users can give you. Take it to your advantage!

Live streams are a good source of income, but they are not available to all users. Rather, you must have a minimum number of followers. You need to more than 1000 subscribers minimum.

✔️Do affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting the products of other companies on your TikTok account in exchange for a commission on each sale made through your affiliate link.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, it's important to find products that fit your niche and appeal to your audience.

🌿How giveaways work on TikTok

Giveaways on TikTok is a feature that allows users to donate to their favorite content creators while streaming live.

Users can buy virtual coins called “TikTok corners” with real money and use them to send virtual gifts to content creators. When a user sends a virtual gift, it appears as an animated icon on the live stream screen and is accompanied by a personalized message.

The content creator then receives a portion of the amount spent to buy the TikTok coins. The more expensive the gifts, the more money the content creator earns. This is how the gift system works on TikTok

✔️ Users buy TikTok coins

Users can buy TikTok coins by tapping the “more” in the TikTok app. TikTok coins are sold in packages ranging from 100 to 10 pieces. The price of coins varies depending on the country you are in.

✔️ Users send gifts

Users can send virtual gifts to their favorite content creators when they live stream on TikTok. To send a gift, just press the “gift” located at the bottom of the live streaming screen.

Users can then choose the gift they want to send and add a personalized message.

✔️ Content creators receive a portion of the amount spent

When a user sends a virtual gift, the content creator receives a portion of the amount spent to buy TikTok coins.

The amount the content creator receives depends on the price of the virtual gift. For example, if a user buys a pack of 1000 TikTok coins for $10 and sends a virtual gift worth 100 TikTok coins, the content creator will receive approximately $1.

✔️ Content creators can redeem TikTok coins for real money

Content creators can exchange the TikTok coins they received for real money through the TikTok app. The conversion rate depends on the country they are located in. For example, in the United States, a content creator can exchange 1000 TikTok coins for $5.

✔️ Virtual gifts have real monetary value

Virtual gifts have actual monetary value and may be considered tips for content creators. Users should therefore be careful when sending virtual gifts because they spend real money.

The giveaway system on TikTok is a way for users to support their favorite content creators and for content creators to earn money from their work on the platform.

???? Summary

Although competitive, TikTok has real monetization potential for the most talented and involved content creators. The main thing on this social network is to succeed in building and engaging a significant audience around your videos.

To achieve this, take maximum care of your videos by focusing on entertaining or useful content, impactful video effects, and a strong identity. Don't hesitate to spend time defining your editorial line and refining your brand image. With consistency and patience, your community will gradually grow.

Once a solid audience is established, monetization opportunities will appear via the TikTok Creators Fund, direct donations, partnerships with brands or even the sale of derivative products. Know how to diversify these sources of income to maximize your earnings.

Just keep in mind that success on TikTok is earned and is long-term. With passion, persistence and a lot of creativity, you will transform this platform into a profitable business! In my previous articles, I showed you how to make money with facebook and how make money with instagram.

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Q: How many subscribers do you need to make money?

R: There is no minimum number of subscribers required. However, the larger your audience, the more brands will be interested and the higher your potential income will be. Aim at least 10 000 subscribers is a good base.

Q: Can I make money with few views?

A: Yes it is possible, with the Creators Fund program which pays from 1000 views per video. But having larger views (hundreds of thousands or millions) will open up more monetization options.

Q: How do I receive donations through TikTok Live?

R: First activate the live function on your profile. Your subscribers will then be able to send you virtual gifts during your lives, corresponding to real money donations.

Q: Can I use copyright-free music?

A: Yes, Many music libraries offer free and royalty-free soundtracks to accompany your TikTok videos without restrictions.

Q: Do I have to go through a network to find brands?

A: Yes, you can affiliate with creator networks like Fanbytes or TalentX Entertainment to help you land paid partnerships with brands.

Q: What data should you analyze to know if a format works?

R: Analyze retention rate, total views and percentage of complete views to determine which types of videos perform best.

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