The 20 sources of passive income

The 20 sources of passive income

Do you dream of a life financially free, where money is constantly flowing without any effort on your part? This is the holy grail of passive income – a constant stream of money earned by working just once. 💰 You will see in this article 20 sources of passive income.

Passive income allows you to generate profits while you sleep. With reliable sources of passive income, you can focus on what really matters – spending time with the people you love, pursuing your passions, or just relaxing.

In this comprehensive article, I'll share 20 proven strategies for creating substantial, lasting streams of 100% passive income.

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From classic ideas like real estate to modern trends like dropshipping, this guide has it all covered. You will surely find inspiration there to start your own passive activity! 💡

Ready to make money while you sleep? Dive into this article to discover 20 completely passive income sources! But before we begin, here's how to build a Action plan to build an online business

Let's go !!

1. Copyright 📚

Copyright can generate completely passive income when you are the author or creator of an intellectual work. If your book, song, software or blog is successful, the associated royalties will bring you regular income without additional effort.

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With each sale or commercial use of your creation, you will receive royalties. The more popular and exploited the work will be, the more your income will increase. This is therefore an excellent way to build recurring income and get paid for the work already done.

Of course, the challenge will be to produce a high-quality work or content likely to generate strong sales and a significant number of commercial distributions. Copyrights require an initial investment but then provide a reliable source of completely passive income.

2. Advertising on website/blog 💻

If you have a brilliant idea that appeals to a specific audience, you can create something like an educational blog or a YouTube tutorial series that doesn't require constant new material to drive online traffic.

If your content is engaging and gets enough daily traffic, you can sell ad space on your blog or ad spots on your channel. After you've done the heavy lifting, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy passive income streams for every pair of eyeballs that watch your content. Not bad !

Add some Google AdSense advertisements or others to your website or blog. Every time a visitor clicks on an ad, you earn money! 💸

The more traffic your content attracts, the more your revenue increases. 🔝 Create a site on an exciting topic and watch the money roll in passively!

3. Space rental 🏠

Do you have an unused room, parking lot, warehouse or garden? Rent it and benefit from a regular monthly income! 💵 Airbnb makes it easy to rent out your vacant space to travelers around the world. Become a host today!

Renting space, whether buildings, offices, commercial premises or even simple parking spaces, is an excellent way to earn passive income. Once the space is rented, income will be received regularly without intervention on your part.

Of course, the initial investment can be significant depending on the type of property but the long-term profitability is there. To maximize revenue, it is best to target well-located and sought-after properties.

It is also possible to buy SCPI shares to invest indirectly in rental real estate. With a diverse rental portfolio managed by professionals, space rental remains one of the pillars of passive income strategies.

4. Selling photos online 📷

Turn your passion for photography 📸 into a source of income! Sell ​​your images on Shutterstock, iStock or other platforms. They market them to customers. You get paid with every sale!

With the growing demand for quality visual content for websites, media, advertisements etc, selling photos online can generate completely passive income. Once your photos are uploaded to image banks like Shutterstock or iStock, each upload will earn you money without any additional work.

The more extensive and attractive your portfolio will be, the higher the sales will be. To make the most of your photography talents, consider offering unique visuals capturing authentic and natural scenes. Also favor professionally rendered photos in promising areas (business, lifestyle, leisure, etc.).

With the right portfolio, selling photos online will provide you with recurring income while you sit back and enjoy life!

5. Affiliate programs 🤝

Recommend products and services on your site and get commission on each sale. 💰 Amazon Associates is a popular affiliate program. 🛒 Just place links to the products and you earn money when people buy.

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Have you ever bought something really awesome and told your friends, family, co-workers, and the store cashier about it? You're like, man, I should get paid for all this publicity. Well, that's one thing!

Simply put, affiliate marketing is when a company pays you money to publicly brag about their products. If you're on social media, you've probably seen hundreds of people doing this by posting a special link or discount code under a photo of them using a certain product.

Now, that doesn't mean you can just hashtag your favorite running shoes on Twitter and expect to get paid. Businesses you know and love must have an affiliate marketing program for you to get paid for it, and you will need to apply to join.

This is the most profitable way that you can set up on the internet. Learn more about affiliation.

6. Dropshipping 📦

Sell ​​products online without inventory. 💻 When a customer orders, the supplier ships the item directly! This is a great way to start a small business with no initial investment. Find trending products and start selling today! 🛍️

Dropshipping, or consignment sales, is a great way to generate passive income through an online store. The principle is simple : you sell products without storing them yourself. Once the order is placed, your supplier delivers directly to the end customer.

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In addition to no stock to manage, the advantage is that the sales process is fully automated. Your website can run on autopilot, you only intervene to promote the products.

If your online store is well referenced and visible, orders will come in on their own and your income will be completely passive! Dropshipping requires an initial investment in time to create the store but is easily monetized over time.

7. YouTube Video Revenue 📹

Do you have any talent in front of the camera? 🎥 Create a YouTube channel and earn money through the many monetization programs. Become the next YouTube Star! 🌟 YouTube offers the possibility of monetizing your videos and earning passive income from them.

Through the YouTube Partner Program, you receive compensation when your videos are viewed, based on the number of views and advertisements served. The more popular your channel and videos are, the more your income will increase completely passively.

The challenge is to produce attractive video content capable of capturing a large audience. You can also optimize your YouTube income by creating several monetization sources: product placements, affiliations, crowdfunding, etc.

With a relevant strategy, your YouTube videos can earn you significant income completely passively!

8. Stock dividends 📈

Invest in stocks that pay quarterly dividends. 💰 You earn passive income simply by being a shareholder. Dividends are income paid regularly by companies to their shareholders. Without intervention on your part, your dividends are automatically paid into your account.

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The more you diversify your stock portfolio with reliable and profitable securities, the higher your dividends will be. Some stocks offer returns of 4% or more annually.

Reinvesting your dividends will also allow you to multiply your income by a snowball effect in the long term. Provided you select your securities carefully, stock dividends constitute one of the simplest solutions for generating completely passive income.

Warren Buffet used this strategy to get rich! 🤑 Choose stable companies that pay dividends regularly. Then watch the money roll in!

9. Bank interest 🏦

Money earned on savings accounts or certificates of deposit is reliable passive income. 💵 Shop around to find the best interest rates and maximize your earnings. 📈 Placing your savings in active interest-bearing accounts is one of the simplest ways to generate passive income.

Depending on the country and banks, you can get between 1 and 3% annual interest on your deposits. Without any intervention on your part, this interest is paid periodically into your bank account. Of course, rates generally remain quite low, so you will need to invest a significant amount of savings to expect substantial income.

But thanks to leverage, by optimizing and diversifying your deposits with attractive rates, bank interest can produce additional recurring and 100% passive income.

10. Loan between individuals 🤝

Lend your money to other people and collect interest. Sites like Lending Club and Prosper connect lenders with borrowers.

Peer-to-peer lending involves lending money to other people in exchange for interest. Via dedicated platforms, you can lend your funds to different borrowers and receive fixed interest each month without intervention.

The more you diversify your loans to pool risk, the more regular your income will be. These are completely passive since repayment is made automatically over the duration of the loan. Be careful, however, to control the risk of payment default by carefully selecting borrowers.

Properly used, peer-to-peer lending is very profitable and constitutes an excellent source of completely passive recurring income. Be careful and evaluate carefully the risks to avoid payment defaults. 🙅 But with the right borrowers, the returns can be high! 💰

11. Podcast revenue 🎙️

Start a podcast on a topic you're passionate about. 🎧 Monetize with in-app ads or a platform like Patreon. Your listeners pay for premium content.

Earning potential depends on the size of your audience. Promote your podcast and grow your community! 📢 This article clearly shows you how to make money with Padcast.

12. Car rental 🚗

Travelers pay to drive your car while you earn passive income! 💵 Car rental, via platforms like Turo or Getaround, allows you to earn passive income from property you already own. Simply rent out your vehicle when you're not using it. You set your rates and availability.

The platform takes care of connection and payment. Without doing anything, your car will produce income every time it is rented. The more vehicles you own and optimize your occupancy rates, the more your income will increase.

Renting between individuals requires a little organization and management but then generates completely passive profits. It's a excellent manner to make profitable assets already acquired. Make sure you buy a reliable and sought-after model. 🏎️ Then relax while the money comes in! 💰

13. Sale of e-books 📚

If you've figured out how to create content that drives enough traffic to host ads, think about how you could turn that content into a product. This can range from a simple e-book or meal prep guide to a complete online course or app.

Write an e-book and sell it online to generate passive income! 💰 Publish to Amazon Kindle and reach millions of potential readers. 🌍 Add affiliate links in your book to increase your income. Write about your passion and share your knowledge with the world! here's how publish on Amazon Kindle

14. Native advertising 🖋️

Native advertising consists of promoting products or services in a natural way in your content, sites or applications. Unlike advertising banners, it integrates harmoniously into your support. You can establish profitable partnerships with advertisers relevant to your audience.

Agree to include unobtrusive sponsored content in your articles or videos. 🤑 Advertisers pay for this “native advertising" subtle. Make sure the products are suitable for your audience. 👥 Then count the additional income generated effortlessly! 💸

Native advertising offers the advantage of generating completely passive income. Once locations and contracts are defined, revenue comes in automatically without additional effort.

The larger and more targeted your audience, the more you will maximize your profits. Native advertising requires some initial work but proves very profitable over time thanks to this passive dimension of income.

15. License income 📜

Invent a unique product, patent it, then license it to other companies. 🤝You earn royalties on every sale, without doing the work! Licensing revenue allows you to monetize content, technology, or a brand by allowing other people to use it for a fee.

A classic example is the Nespresso coffee machine. ❤️ Make your creativity with this strategy!

Once licensing agreements are established, royalties come in completely passively according to the defined terms. The more successful the licensed content, technology or intellectual property becomes, the more effortlessly the licensing revenue grows.

This model is taking off with digital technology and the intangible economy. Licensing revenue represents a smart option to passively profit from an intangible asset.

16. Selling creative templates online 🎨

The creation and sale of templates online (logos, web design, presentations, etc.) allows you to build completely passive income. Once your templates are put up for sale on specialized marketplaces, you will receive commissions each time a template is purchased, without any intervention required.

The more comprehensive and quality your catalog is, the higher your sales will be. The advantage is that you don't need to manage delivery, distribution and customer support. Your role is limited to the initial creation of the templates. 💸

Commissions are paid automatically for each sale. With beautiful, trendy visuals in promising areas, selling templates online easily generates passive profits in the long term.

17. Buying websites 💻

Buy established profitable websites, improve them, then cash in the profits! We call this the “flipping» websites. ↔️ Identify underperforming sites with potential. 💎 Make upgrades, then resell with a capital gain! 💰

Your role will be to increase traffic and revenue by improving the site. The more profitable the site is at the time of purchase, the higher your return on investment will be. This model requires an initial investment but offers the advantage of “sit” quickly on existing profits.

Provided you carefully select sites with high potential, purchasing websites allows you to quickly build substantial passive income.

18. Equipment rental 🛠️

Buy equipment like cameras, tools, or musical instruments to rent to other creators. 👩‍🎤 Sites like Fat Llama facilitate rental between individuals. 🤝 You earn passive income while your equipment works for you!

Renting equipment makes it easy to generate completely passive income. Whether you have DIY equipment, professional photo/video equipment or even party supplies, many platforms exist to rent out your unused equipment.

You set your prices and availability, the platform takes care of the rest. Without intervention on your part, your equipment will produce income with each rental. You can even push this model by purchasing certain equipment specifically to rent it out.

With a well-managed portfolio of attractive equipment, passive equipment rental can become very profitable.

19. Mobile games 📱

Mobile games can be an interesting source of passive income for developers. By publishing a game on an application download platform, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play, Developers can earn advertising revenue from in-game ads.

Develop an addictive smartphone game and generate revenue with in-app purchases or advertisements. 🎮 Successes like Candy Crush earn millions from user micropayments. Create the next hit and look at the money coming in! 🤑

Additionally, it is possible to offer in-game purchases, such as bonuses or additional features, which can generate additional revenue. However, it should be noted that competition is fierce in this area and creating a successful game often requires significant investments of time and money.

20. Patent royalties 📜

Invent and patent a unique new product or technology. 💡 Then license it to other companies in exchange for royalties. Patent income is very passive once the product is created! 💰 Just make sure your invention is really new and useful.

Royalties can be paid as a percentage of sales or as fixed payments. However, it is important to note that managing patents and royalties can be complex and require specialist legal and technical knowledge.

Additionally, patent royalties may be subject to a variety of factors, such as the term of the patent, scope of protection and market demand for the technology.


There you have it – 20 proven ideas for generating passive income and achieving success. financial freedom! With these strategies, you can create sustainable money streams by working smarter, not harder.

What are you going toyou try first? Find 1 or 2 concepts you like and get started today. Every passive income source you add brings you closer to the time when you can say goodbye to the 9 to 5. 👋

Of course, building passive income takes some initial time and effort. 🕐 But with patience and perseverance, anyone can create this precious financial freedom. So don't wait any longer! Start now to sow the seeds that will one day allow you to harvest while you sleep.🌱 Your passive income future awaits!

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