Special bets on 1xbet

Special bets on 1xbet
special bets

Do you know the classic bets on football, tennis or horse racing? Of course, any good self-respecting bettor has already bet a few tickets on the victory of their favorite team or the winner of a major tournament. But have you ever heard talk about special bets ?

On 1xBet, this category has some big surprises in store for you! Imagine being able to bet on the number of yellow cards in a match, the player who will score the first goal, or even the next XXL transfer in the world of football. The possibilities are almost endless! But before, How to bet on shots on goal and shots on target

Bet on esports games on 1xbet

1xBet offers a wide selection of esports games to bet on. Popular esports games at 1xBet include first-person shooters (FPS) such as CS:GO and Overwatch, real-time strategy (RTS) games such as Starcraft 2, and sports games such as FIFA and NBA2K .

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In addition, there are also lesser-known esports games such as King of Glory and Rainbow Six Siege. To start to bet on esports games, you must first understand the rules and nuances of each game.

Watch online videos, read strategy guides, and participate in online communities to understand different game mechanics and how professional players play. Types of esports betting:

(I.e. The winner of the match: The most common type of bet for esports games is match winner. You are betting on which team or player will win the match.

(I.e. The number of cards or tricks played: For esports games such as FPS, the number of cards played is a popular type of bet. You can bet on how many cards or tricks will be played in the match.

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(I.e. The final score: For esports games such as sports games, final score is a common type of bet. You can bet on the final score of each team or player.

(I.e. The total score: Total score is a type of bet in which you bet on the total number of points scored by both teams or players.

(I.e. Live betting: Live betting is available for esports games at 1xBet, allowing you to bet on events in real time during the match.

Betting on special bets: dice games

To bet on dice games at 1xBet, players must follow these steps:

  • Create account on 1xBet.
  • Deposit money into their account.
  • Select the dice game they want to bet on.
  • Place their bet by selecting the possible outcomes of the dice.
  • Wait for the outcome of the game.

It is important to note that dice games are games of chance and there is no guarantee of winning. Players should bet responsibly and never bet more than they can afford to lose. 1xBet offers a wide variety of dice games for players to bet on. Players can choose from a variety of games with different rules and layouts.

(I.e. High Ratings: 1xBet is known for offering high odds for sports betting and casino games. Players can therefore benefit from better chances of winning.

⚡️ Attractive bonus offers: 1xBet also offers attractive bonus offers for new and existing players. Players can benefit from deposit bonuses and free bets, as well as other special promotions.

(I.e. Ease of use : 1xBet offers an easy to use online betting platform with simple and intuitive navigation. Players can easily find available dice games and place their bets with just a few clicks.

⚡️ Various payment options: 1xBet offers a wide variety of payment options for players, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards and bank transfers. Players can choose the payment option that best suits their needs.

Bet on Formula 1

To bet on Formula 1, you must first register with a bookmaker. But first know that not all sports betting platforms cover Formula 1. That's why we offer 1xbet.

Create your account today and benefit from a 200% bonus and a monthly reimbursement of 20% of your losses. Use this promo code: FAUSTI. If you want to bet on Formula 1, discover the best betting formulas to choose from the bookmakers in our present article!

⚡️ Bet on the winner of the race

Going back a few years, this prognosis was particularly easy to place given that Formula 1 races were dominated by the same teams and the same riders.

But many years have passed since then and Formula 1 regulations have changed a lot. Now, predicting in advance who will win a Formula 1 race is not a simple matter. This is why particularly attractive odds are associated with this betting formula.

⚡️ Bet on the winning team

Same thing with stables. If certain brands dominated the races a few years ago, it is now more difficult to predict in advance which team will win a Formula 1 race.

Before placing your bet on the winning team, find out about its latest performances and those of its drivers!

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⚡️ Bet on the winner of the qualification and the race

A slightly riskier bet but with much higher odds. If you have a taste for risk and are used to betting on Formula 1, nothing is stopping you from trying your luck. On the other hand, if you are just starting out in Formula 1 betting, we recommend that you choose much more standard types of bets.

⚡️ Bet on the first 6 in a race

If you are a beginner and don't want to take too many risks, this bet is for you. Its principle is simple since it consists of betting on the first 6 runners who will cross the finish line.

By doing some research beforehand on the best teams and the best drivers, the chances of succeeding in this bet are interesting. Once you get used to betting on Formula 1, you can try a little riskier and more profitable bets.

Betting on tennis

As expected, in this sport, one of the most popular markets is the winner's market, but there are also other options that can provide good returns such as the handicap, the exact score, the market plus/minus or even/odd. If you want to know more about the markets for this Olympic sport, we recommend that you read the following section.

special bets

♻️ To the winner: As in other sports, thehe winning market is one of the most widespread in the world of table tennis. Ping pong is a sport that can be played individually or in pairs and for one of the players or pairs to be determined as the winner.

He must gwin most games In this sport there is no tie so you can only bet on the victory of the visiting or local player.

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♻️ Disability: There are times when the teams or the opponents have very unequal forces and the favoritism is so marked that both the winning bets and their payouts are uninteresting. In these cases, it is very practical to choose a handicap bet.

This option will add or subtract points, giving for example 5, 4 or 3 points more or less to one of the opponents in the first set or in the final in order to equalize a little more in confrontation and offer better profits.

♻️ Total: The totals market is also interesting for getting good prizes. This bet gives the user the opportunity to play for more or less certain points on the scoreboard. For example a total of plus or minus 73,5 points or 19,5 in the first set.

Betting on baseball

Knowing how to bet on baseball means you need to take into account several aspects so that the result you get is what you expect. Let's look at some of the most important ones.

🔑 Register with 1xbet

When you have the operator selected with whom you will make your baseball bets, all you have to do is register. To do this, you will need to indicate your first and last name, as well as your nationality, your address, including postcode, city and country. Continue with your date of birth, email and phone number.

For security reasons, they will also ask for a copy of your ID or passport. Next, choose your username with your password and agree to the terms and conditions. Learn more about how to create a 1xBet account on Mobile

🔑 Top up your account

Once you have your account, you will need to make your first deposit through one of the alternatives that will be offered to you. This can be a credit card or a transfer among others. Depending on the method you choose, the money will be available in your account instantly or you will have to wait a little.

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When you have it at your disposal, you will be ready to play and bet on baseball. It is important to remember that this is only for entertainment and in any case, for adults. Learn more about 1xbet deposits and withdrawals

🔑 Place your bets

Everyone learns from their mistakes, so it is likely that betting correctly is something that becomes a matter of experience, but also knowledge. Before placing your bet on a baseball match, you must have the necessary information to be able to carry it out successfully and for the results to truly live up to your expectations.

Bet on hair

To talk about horse racing, it is necessary to know some of the most common parameters, such as the following:

  • Gaits: canter, trot or harness
  • Living area : sand, grass or synthetic
  • participants: age and number of copies
  • Trail difficulty: flat track or with obstacles
  • Distance: variable, from 400 meters (1/4 mile) to 7 meters (240 4/1 miles)
special bets

Settings determine race types, terms and conditions for certain markets! In general, there are 3 three types of horse racing : gallop races, obstacle races and harness races. Find out what each of them is below:

1. Flat or flat gallop race

This type of running is the most common. It is characterized by the absence of slopes and obstacles, allowing horses to reach their maximum speed. The track may be straight, circuit, or in other configurations, usually on sand or grass. The famous Kentucky Derby is one of the most prestigious competitions in this category.

2. Obstacle Course or Jump Race

These races are divided into three categories, depending on the obstacle to be overcome:

  • Fences
  • Bumpers, which correspond to flat tracks with obstacles

Field or obstacle courses, in which horses jump over puddles, fences and bushes. The Queen's Cup is a representative competition of this category.

3. Harness racing

You can identify these races because the jockey sits in the sulky, which is a two-wheeled cart, while the horse walks or trots. Harness racing is the least common. Since you know this, let's see what modalities exist in horse racing.

🌾Horse racing modalities

There are a wide variety of modalities in horse racing. However, it is common to find the following 8 modalities on online sports betting sites:

  • 👉 Conditional career. The participation in the race and the weight are conditioned by the previous rules of the program.
  • 👉 Lead the race by weight or handicap. This modality is also known as Leveled Race.Here the weight is assigned based on the past performance of the horse in order to level the playing field for all horses.
  • 👉 Free weight race. In this modality, the jockey is not obliged to register his weight before the race.
  • 👉 Weight-for-age race. The assigned weight depends on the age of the specimen.
  • 👉 Claim the race. The Claim or Claiming is the most common type of race. Initially, the claimed horse becomes its new owner. However, the profits obtained are returned to the previous owner.
  • 👉 Race for concessions. In these races, the eligibility requirements are similar to those in claiming races. However, under this modality, the horses are not for sale.
  • 👉 Race of the non-winners. As the name suggests, these are horse races that have never won.
  • 👉 Career Diploma. The diploma courses are the most prestigious and come in the following categories:
  • Thoroughbred races: grades I, II and III
  • Quarter Horse Races: Grades 1, 2 and 3
  • Restricted Degree Careers: RG1, RG2 and RG3 diplomas

Bet on surfing

Once you have compared bookmakers and then chosen the right one for you, it is important to know how to bet on surfing. To do this, you need to know the different events that are available.

Generally, there are several propositions that you can bet on. However, before any bet, you must recharge your player account. Once the provisioning is finished, you will find events concerning each team. It's up to you to choose which one you want to place your bet on.

The events available on the majority of bookmakers are:

  • The victory of a team
  • Also bet on double chance
  • The victory of a team or a draw between the two, etc.

There are several other situations that you can easily bet on to increase your chances of success.

In addition, it is also possible to bet on the number of performances of each player. In reality, at the end of the tests, each candidate is marked on his performance between 0 and 10. These ratings are assigned based on the level of difficulty the surfer faces and their movements.

The variation of maneuvers and speed are also criteria that are taken into account when rating athletes. Furthermore, certain priority rules also determine the rating that a surfer will obtain. After a surf tournament, you must therefore keep in mind the performances of the athletes to know who is more comfortable in a given event.

🔰 Types of surf bets

As with any sport, surf betting has become increasingly common among sportspeople. You can place bets on different surfing competitions, including outright winners, head-to-head matchups, and prop bets.

An absolute winning bet is picking the surfer to win the overall competition. Head-to-head confrontations involve choosing which of the two surfers will get the higher score in a specific round.

On the other hand, prop bets involve betting on specific events or occurrences within the competition. One of these events includes the number of waves that a surfer catches or the time it takes to complete a particular maneuver.

Understanding the different types of surf betting is crucial to making informed decisions and profiting from surf betting. Surfing is an exciting sport that offers a variety of betting options. The most popular type of bet is the money line, based on which surfer will win the competition.

🔰 How to bet on surfing?

Start by selecting a reliable mobile betting bookmaker, such as 1xbet. Once decided, download and install the app on your device. Follow the instructions given by the operator to complete this process.

Sign up by providing the necessary data. Make sure you set a strong password. In order to place bets, you must deposit funds into your account. Apps often offer multiple payment methods for your convenience.

Browse the variety of surf markets available. Study the odds and decide on your prediction. Once selected, enter the amount you wish to invest and confirm the action.

🔰 Types of surf bets

Although this sport does not have a scale like football betting or other popular sports, it manages to capture the essence of every competition with striking and exciting odds. Here are some more common examples:

Winner: involves the selection of the competitor expected to win a specific event or competition.

Head-to-Head: Consists of predicting which of the two surfers selected by the bookmaker will end up in a superior position. It doesn't matter where they end up, as long as the chosen surfer outperforms the other.

Position: You have to bet on whether a surfer will finish above or below a certain position. For example, you can predict whether he will finish in the top three. This fascinating display of surfing options has been prepared by our specialists to help you navigate these waters with confidence. This article might also interest you: How to use the sports betting bonus.

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