What to know about ChatGpt

What to know about ChatGpt

Chatbots, virtual assistants and other natural language processing tools have revolutionized the way businesses interact with their customers. However, they are not as sophisticated as human interactions and can sometimes lack understanding and context. This is where ChatGPT comes in

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The digitization of the banking sector

The digitalization of the banking sector

Investing in thoughtful digitization can help banks increase revenue while also helping customers affected by the current pandemic. From deterring branch visits, offering online loan approvals and opening an account, to educating people on digital banking so they can take advantage of the services provided by their banks – financial institutes can use technology from more than one to gain a competitive edge and also lead community initiatives.

All about PropTechs

Everything you need to know about PropTechs

The real estate sector, long very traditional, has been in the midst of a digital project for a few years! More and more startups 🏗️ and technological innovations 💡 are emerging to modernize this high-potential but often opaque market. These new solutions called “PropTechs” 🏘️📱 (contraction of Property Technologies) are revolutionizing all links in the real estate chain.