The best freelance platforms

Do you want to know the best Freelance sites? Without stress. But first, here are the reasons that led me to do this work for you. In a context where employment is scarce, freelance activity on the Internet offers the possibility of building an interesting professional career. Furthermore, we are seeing a rush of professionals who are already salaried to invest in this field. On the other hand, the term freelance does not always rhyme with success.

How to make money with YouTube?

For many, making money on YouTube is a dream. After all, YouTubers seem to have a good life and the adoration of their fans for lounging around. And since creating a YouTube channel is easier than ever, there's no harm in thinking big and aiming high. But while creating a YouTube channel is simple, turning it into an ATM is not so simple. You can earn your first hundred dollars by selling something or entering into a sponsorship deal, but to maximize your income, you need to understand all of your options before you jump in.