The best platforms to buy NFTs

September 20, 2023 Par Faustin Djoufouet

Mediafixer NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have literally exploded in popularity in recent years. These unique and certified digital assets on the blockchain generated a transaction volume of several billions in 2021! There are better platforms to buy NFTs.

More and more people want to buy NFTs, whether out of passion for digital arts, taste for collecting or with an investment perspective. But with the proliferation of NFT platforms, it can be confusing to navigate to find THE marketplace ideal for his project.

In this article, I will introduce you to the best platforms for buying NFTs🔥. Whether you are new to the world of NFTs or a seasoned collector, here you will find advice for choosing the marketplace suited to your needs! Let's go!

What is an NFT?

Let's start with a quick reminder of what exactly an NFT is. NFT is the acronym for Non-Fungible Token, or “ non-fungible token " in French.

Unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, each NFT is unique and not interchangeable. An NFT represents a certificate of digital ownership of a specific digital element: an image, photo, video, piece of music, tweet...any digital content imaginable!

Le exclusive nature of the NFT is guaranteed by the blockchain on which it is issued. This technology certifies the authenticity of the NFT and ensures traceability. It is impossible to duplicate or forge an NFT.

The most popular NFTs are probably CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club and other collections “profile pict” sold for millions of dollars! But we find NFTs in digital art, sport, video games…in short, almost all fields!

How to buy an NFT? 💸

To buy NFTs, you need:

  • A crypto wallet (Metamask, Coinbase Wallet…) to store your NFTs securely
  • Cryptocurrencies to pay for your NFT purchases: ETH for Ethereum, SOL for Solana, etc.
  • Choose an NFT sales platform offering the collections that interest you
  • Create an account on this platform and link your wallet
  • Search for the coveted NFT, make your purchase offer or “ buy now« 
  • Once your offer is accepted, sign the NFT transfer transaction from your wallet

And there you have it, the purchased NFT is transferred to your wallet! All you have to do is admire it in your collection 😊

Now let's review the best platforms to buy your NFTs easily and safely!

OpenSea: the #1 NFT platform 🌊

Impossible to talk about NFT without mentioning OpenSea, the undisputed market leader! This platform allows you to buy, sell and mint NFTs on Ethereum.

OpenSea offers an incredible variety of NFT collections, with more than 80 million assets exchanged to date! It is The reference to find the most popular collections.

The intuitive interface and advanced search tools make it easy to discover new rare or under-listed NFTs. OpenSea also integrates an auction system and a secondary marketplace.

With its 2.5% fee per transaction (including 2% for the buyer), OpenSea is a relatively affordable platform given its status as a market leader. Its daily trading volume easily reaches $50 million!

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Thanks to its dominant position, its sovereign liquidity and its easy-to-use interface, OpenSea remains the #1 choice to buy your first NFTs.

Rarible: digital art oriented 🎨

For lovers ofNFT digital art, Rare is a platform of choice. This marketplace facilitates the sale of works of art in the form of NFTs for artists, and the purchase for collectors.

The clean interface nicely highlights the NFTs offered. Built-in creation tools make minting new tokens simple for artists.

Rarible stands out for its ability to support different blockchains like Ethereum, Flow or Tezos. She charges 2.5% commission on sales.

To find nuggets of NFT digital art that are still confidential, Rarible is worth the detour!

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SuperRare: qualitative and selective 💎

Super Rare positions itself as a virtual art gallery dedicated to NFTs. The platform makes a qualitative selection of accepted works, to offer only original and authentic creations.

The refined interface and the tailor-made minting process give SuperRare an appreciable “arty” spirit. Only validated artists can put their NFTs up for sale, guaranteeing a high level.

SuperRare focuses on the Ethereum blockchain. The fees are 3% for the seller and the same amount for the buyer.

To find unique artsy NFTs made by talented artists, and avoid scams, SuperRare is a great option.

Nifty Gateway: oriented towards the general public 👥

Powered by the Winklevoss twins (co-creators of Facebook), Nifty gateway aims to popularize NFTs among the general public. The platform highlights exclusive drops from recognized artists.

The modern interface and integration with social networks optimize the community aspect. Payments are even possible by bank card, in addition to cryptos.

Nifty Gateway charges 5% fee on sales. Some drops are held as limited-time auctions, creating urgency and scarcity.

To buy your first mainstream NFTs from well-known artists, Nifty Gateway is an attractive entry point.

Foundation: qualitative and affordable 💰

Foundation stands out for its selectivity and reasonable prices. This platform only selects emerging but talented digital artists, after community voting.

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NFTs are offered for sale at affordable prices, often between $100 and $500. Foundation focuses on the artistic rather than the speculative aspect.

The fees for creators are nevertheless 15%. Foundation takes moderation of illegal content seriously.

To discover future NFT art stars at affordable prices, Foundation is a great springboard!

Solanart: reference on Solana ⚡️

Solana is one of the emerging blockchains in the NFT ecosystem. solanart establishes itself as THE reference for purchasing NFTs based on Solana.

With its low transaction fees, speed and decentralized architecture, Solana is attracting more and more NFT creators. And Solanart brings together the best of the collections.

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The platform pays 80% of commissions to creators. Fees are only 2% for both buyer and seller.

To explore Solana’s dynamic and low-cost NFT ecosystem, Solanart is essential.

Magic Eden: leader on Solana 🏝️

In the same vein but even more essential, magic eden establishes itself as THE leader of NFT platforms on Solana. In just 6 months, its market value exploded to exceed $10 billion!

Magic Eden benefits from a modern interface, great liquidity and ultra-low fees of just 2%. The marketplace refers 80% of commissions to creators.

To buy your Solana NFTs, like the famous Degenerate Ape Academy, Magic Eden is simply unbeatable! The platform concentrates the majority of sales volumes on Solana.

NBA Top Shot: for basketball fans 🏀

NFTs have also taken over the world of sport. NBA Top Shot allows you to purchase iconic video clips (“moments”) from basketball matches, in the form of NFTs.

The NBA and the players' association are involved in this project which is very successful with fans. Video NFTs are categorized by rarity, much like trading cards.

For basketball enthusiasts who want to combine their interest in this sport with that in NFTs, NBA Top Shot is ideal!

Sorare: for football fans ⚽️

SorareApply offers a similar concept but for football/soccer this time. You can buy player cards as NFTs, and use them to build your fantasy team and earn rewards.

With official league and club licenses, Sorare has signed partnerships with big names like La Liga, Bundesliga, Liverpool and even FIFA!

For football fans who want to explore the world of NFTs, Sorare offers a very engaging and immersive experience.

Axie Infinity: for gamers 🎮

Gaming NFTs are also on the rise. On Axie Infinity, you can buy NFT creatures called Axies, have them battle, and breed them to create new, rarer Axies.

Addictive gameplay and opportunities to win in cryptocurrencies (play-to-earn) have made Axie Infinity essential. Some players even manage to earn a full-time income from it!

To discover the universe fascinating play-to-earn while creating a collection of Axies, this blockchain platform is ideal.

Decentraland: to invest in a metaverse 🌎

Buy virtual land NFT in Decentraland allows you to become a the metaverse! You can then create spaces, games or social experiences there.

Decentraland is one of the most developed metaverses currently. The price of plots continues to increase, representing a long-term investment opportunity.

To speculate on the rise of the metaverse or become a pioneer of these virtual universes, exploring Decentraland is essential.

Quidd: to collect stickers 🆒

Need something more fun? On the platform buffer, you can buy digital stickers in the form of NFTs, a bit like those in Panini football albums.

The themes are very varied with stickers from Marvel, Star Wars, Disney films, but also sports or YouTubers. Quidd has worked with many franchises.

To experience the nostalgia of children's stickers, in a modern and adult NFT version, Quidd will satisfy your collector's soul!

MakersPlace: digital art oriented ✨

I have already mentioned several, but platforms dedicated to digital art NFTs are really on the rise.

Makersplace is one of the benchmarks in the sector. The rigorous selection of artists creates a qualitative ecosystem for collectors.

The clean interface and simplified minting attract more and more creators. Drops of new works are eagerly awaited by fans.

To find your favorite digital artists and their latest NFT creations, head to MakersPlace!

Async Art: to collect evolving works ➿

A platform with an innovative concept: Async art offers NFTs that can change their appearance over time!

Artists create several “ layers » for the same work. Collectors can then mix these layers to generate new unique creations by combining multiple NFTs together.

Async Art opens the door to variable NFT artworks of which you are partly the author! An exciting experience for any modern art lover.

KnownOrigin: to collect digital artists 🎨

Reference platform for digital art NFTs, Known Origin publishes promising digital artists with very varied styles. Generative art is particularly highlighted there.

Each new drop is eagerly awaited by fans who crave new creations from popular artists on the platform.

Notice to amateurs, KnowOrigin offers original works at prices that are still affordable…for now! This is the ideal place for discover new talents.

In summary on NFT platforms

With the explosion of NFTs in recent years, platforms dedicated to the purchase and sale of these non-fungible tokens have multiplied, offering a wide choice to collectors and speculators wishing to explore this universe.

Whether they are general marketplaces like OpenSea or more specialized like NBA Top Shot or Decentraland, there is no shortage of options for finding that rare gem.

With the tips provided in this article, you now have an overview of the best platforms according to your objectives: discover young talents, acquire your first emblematic NFTs, collect around a theme, bet on promising projects or have fun exploring the multiple possibilities offered by NFTs.

It's now up to you to choose the ideal marketplace to make your collector's desires come true! There are dozens of other platforms specializing in different niches. Don’t hesitate to explore several marketplaces to find the one that matches your interests!