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The importance of taking care of yourself above all

Taking care of yourself, refocusing on your own needs, taking time just for yourself... All this seems obvious but is often very difficult to put into practice in our hectic society. In this blog article, I present to you 10 ways to take care of yourself.

Caught in the whirlwind of daily life, we tend to relegate our well-being to second place. We forget ourselves to meet professional, family, social demands... Sometimes to the point of exhausting ourselves and losing ourselves.

However, taking care of yourself should be our number 1 priority! Far from being selfish, on the contrary, it allows us to be more fulfilled and more attentive to others. Self-care is a profitable investment in the long term. To achieve it, you will have to overcome procrastination daily.

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In this article, discover 10 essential commandments to finally place self-care at the heart of your concerns. Let's go !

1. Identify your needs 📝

The first essential step is to take the time to identify your basic needs for yourself. feel good and fulfilled. (I.e.

Spend moments of reflection to determine what really makes you feel good on a daily basis: doing a sporting activity 🏃‍♀️, spending time in nature 🌳, reading novels 📚, seeing your friends 👯‍♂️…

Everyone has specific needs depending on their personality. Discover yours, in all areas: leisure, social, rest, creativity…

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Once you have identified them, allow yourself regular activities to meet each of these essential needs. This is the key to feeling good! (I.e.

2. Learn to say no ✋

To take care of yourself, it is essential to learn to set your own limits and to say no when a request exceeds them.

Do not hesitate to politely refuse when you are asked for a service that encroaches on your time or energy. 🙅‍♀️ You don't have to justify yourself too much.

Your time and well-being are precious. Prioritize what is important to you and free yourself from the superfluous.

Daring to say no shows respect for your needs. It's a muscle to exercise to place self-care at the center! 💪

3. Log out 📵

Taking regular breaks from our screens (smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.) is essential to preserve your well-being.

Over-connection makes us lose touch with our real needs. It disperses us and stresses us. 😣

Allow yourself moments of digital disconnection to refocus on the present moment. Prioritize analog activities that make you feel good.

Rediscover the pleasure of reading a paper book 📖, of having a face-to-face conversation 💬, of walking without a specific aim 🚶‍♀️…Ta mental health and balance will thank you! 🙏🏻

4. Practice mindfulness 🧘

Mindfulness techniques like meditation, yoga or relaxation are extremely beneficial for self-care.

By focusing on your breathing and the sensations of the present moment, you are able to let go of your mind. ✨ These practices anchor you in the moment, which significantly reduces stress and anxiety. They also promote a better listening to yourself.

Grant yourself would it be 5 to 10 minutes per day to meditate or practice mindfulness. It’s a gift for your well-being! 🎁

5. Move your body 🏋️

Exercising regularly is essential for taking care of yourself. Even moderate sport provides many benefits.

It allows you to release nervous tension 😮‍💨, stimulate the production of endorphins 😊, improve the quality of sleep 😴 and strengthen self-esteem 💪.

Find an activity you enjoy (walking, swimming, yoga, dancing....) and which you can easily integrate into your daily life in the long term. Moving your body joyfully will always remain the best natural stress reliever !

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6. Enjoy your vacation 🏖

Many consider vacations a luxury when in reality they are a vital necessity to recharge their batteries.

Realize the importance of resting and clearing your head completely pduring your leave. 🧘‍♂️ Really disconnect and then come back with a refreshed mind.

Give yourself real breaks, without guilt. You will come back much more productive and fulfilled after refocusing on your essential needs. 😎

So make the most of your vacation to relax, travel, spend time with your loved ones... You fully deserve it! ????

7. Eat healthy 🥦

Your diet has a considerable impact on your energy, your health and therefore your overall well-being. Favor fresh, minimally processed foods rich in essential nutrients: seasonal fruits and vegetables 🌽🍎, lean proteins 🐟🥚, whole grains 🍞, etc.

Hydrate yourself sufficiently with water 💧 and limit excess sugar, salt, alcohol and fat which tires the body.

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Taking the time to eat well is one way to take care of yourself. You will feel more fit and balanced every day! 💪👍

8. Express yourself creatively 🎨

Giving free rein to your artistic expression is excellent for relieving stress and refocusing. That you like to draw 🖌, write 📝, play an instrument 🎸 or other, give yourself moments to explore your creativity.

These activities allow you to let go, reconnect with yourself and soothe your mind. They boost self-esteem.

So don't hesitate to take the time to sketch, scribble, compose or whatever you want. Your well-being will increase tenfold!

9. Surround yourself with positivity 😊

The social environment greatly influences our state of mind and motivation. Choose your people carefully, surrounding yourself with caring people who believe in you and pull you up. 🙌

Conversely, don't hesitate to move away from toxic and negative relationships that sap your energy. ⛔ Building a virtuous circle around yourself nourishes your self-esteem and allows you to approach life with serenity. It's a essential pillar of self-care! 🙏

10. Be proud of your progress 🏆

On the path to self-care, avoid waiting to achieve perfect goals to give yourself pride. Instead, celebrate each of your small victories and steps forward. 👏 Even small, they show your determination.

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Compliment yourself for this day without procrastination, this soothing walk, this healthy meal... By applauding yourself regularly, you reinforce a positive image of yourself. Just do it !! ✔️

Pride in your progress, however modest, boosts your motivation to take care of yourself. 💪 By applying these 10 commandments, you will install self-care and kindness towards yourself in your daily life. Growth starts from within! 🌼 But before we leave you, here are some Tips for succeeding in entrepreneurship.


Q: Why is it important to take care of yourself?

R: Taking care of yourself is essential to maintaining good physical and mental health. When you feel good in your body and mind, you have more energy and are better equipped to face life's challenges.

By taking time to recharge your batteries, you reduce your stress and you boost your happiness.

Q: How do I find time for myself when I have such a busy life?

R: It is true that life is often hectic. Here are some tips for giving yourself personal time even when the schedule is full:

  • Plan comforting activities into your week, like a yoga session, a walk or a relaxing bath. Put them in your calendar!
  • Set clear boundaries between your professional and personal time. Turn off notifications after a certain time.
  • Ask for help with household chores or childcare to free up time.
  • Stand up 30 minutes ago in the morning to meditate, read or stretch your body.

Q: What are the benefits of activities like yoga and meditation?

R: Spiritual and body practices like yoga and meditation are great for reducing stress and anxiety. They help you stay grounded in the present moment.

Conscious breathing and yoga postures provide mental and physical calm. With regular practice, you feel more serene and at inner peace. Your body is also more flexible and strong. Moreover, there are many benefits of meditation.

Q: Can I really take care of myself when I'm on a tight budget?

R: Absolutely! Many wellness activities cost nothing. For example, you can meditate, journal, read, do bodyweight exercises, or spend time in nature. Walk barefoot in the grass, do stretches or take an Epsom salt bath.

Give yourself restorative naps and adequate nights' sleep. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods. These are all free or affordable habits to take care of yourself.

I hope these questions and answers give you ideas for creating your own FAQ on the topic of personal well-being! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Faustin Djoufouet

I am a Doctor in Finance and an Expert in Islamic Finance. Business consultant, I am also a Teacher-Researcher at the High Institute of Commerce and Management, Bamenda of University. Group Founder Finance de Demain and author of several books and scientific articles.

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