What does Halal and Haram mean?

What does Halal and Haram mean?

The word “Halal” holds an important place in the heart of muslims. It mainly manages their way of life. The meaning of the word halal is legal. Permitted, lawful and authorized are other terms that can translate this Arabic word. Its antonym is " Haram which translates what is considered a sin, therefore, prohibited. Usually, we speak of Hallal when it comes to food, especially meat. From early childhood, the Muslim child must imperatively make the difference between foods that are allowed and those that are not. They need to know what halal means.

In general, all foods are considered halal at except pork. The latter is referred to as haram. These rules are stipulated in the sunnah and the quran. Other meats such as mutton, beef, goat, turkey, chicken and other poultry are classified as halal.

However, the Muslim cannot eat them before they undergo what is called "dhabihah". Dhabihah is a method of slaughtering the still conscious animal. It must not be stunned in any way. He is slaughtered alive in the literal sense of the word.

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In this article, I introduce you to the main difference between the terms Halal and Haram.

What does halal mean?

The definition of the word halal must be taught to all Muslims as well as everything that is qualified as haram. To know them, it is necessary to refer to the halal guide. Muslims are not allowed to eat flesh, blood and any other by-products of pork. This animal cannot be shot even by following the dhabihah method.

In addition, any other animal slaughtered otherwise is strictly prohibited. The guide states that these "beasts" were killed by choking or goring when another animal tried to kill them. This ferocious species that eats other animals cannot be eaten either.

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Still in the same category of animals prohibited for consumption, the rules prohibit those that have been sacrificed on an altar or other place of sacrifice. The explanation is simple, they were sacrificed and not slaughtered alive. In addition, their sharing undergoes a method considered to be pure evil.

halal or haram

Other consumable animals can become halal. But for that, it would still be necessary to assimilate what halal means. In order for the meat to obtain its halal title, it must undergo dhabihah. However, this method cannot be practiced by just anyone. Only a Muslim can do it. The latter already knows from his religion that the animal must not be unconscious before killing it.

When it comes to seafood, the rule is simple, they are all halal. The Koran dictates that hunting at sea is permitted. The beasts hunted can be eaten to feed the travelers and the hunters themselves. There are also notes that attest that even marine animals that are already dead can be eaten. The rules that ensure compliance with the halal meaning are therefore more forgiving of seafood.

When is a product supposed to be Haram?

Haram is any animal that has not been slaughtered according to the rules established by Islam. To this end, the Halal sacrifice is understood when the animal has been slaughtered by positioning it in the direction of Mecca, that before its sacrifice the absence of stress has been confirmed, as well as not having suffered any type of violence active or passive, looking for a comfortable position, without knotting, that the cutting edge to be used is correct and without notches in its path, that the gesture of passing the knife is one forward and one back on the main vein, always quickly and with precision, not allowing a third pass, which at the time of cutting manifests itself "In the name of God, Clement and Merciful".

Therefore, any sacrifice that does not meet the previous condition will be understood as Haram.

Meat from animals found dead or to which death has been inflicted by violence, including suffocation, including those which have been eaten by other animals, is also Haram.

It is forbidden to eat the blood of any animal, pork and wild boar meat and its derivatives. Carnivorous and scavenger animals, clawed birds, are also Haram.

Alcohol and beverages that contain it regardless of their percentage, harmful or poisonous substances, as well as intoxicating plants or beverages. Ingredients from prohibited animals or animals not slaughtered in a Halal manner. Additives: E-441, E-422, E-470, E-483 and E-542, in addition to those from animals or Haram foods. The E-120 additive is considered Haram when it is found in a percentage greater than 0,006 of the composition of the product.

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Haram is pork gelatin. Manufactured products that contain or are exposed to cross-contamination in their production, whose raw material is not Halal or which do not meet Halal manufacturing standards.

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Haram are those financial interests contrary to Halal finance or Islamic finance. Gambling and auctions not regulated in accordance with the provisions of Islam. In short, here is the list of some products and activities that are Haram

List of prohibited or Haram activities and products

These products and activities are considered haram, according to Islamic rules:

  • The meat of the animal found dead
  • Blood
  • Pork and wild boar meat, as well as its derivatives.
  • Animals slaughtered without the invocation of the name of God.
  • Carnivorous and scavenger animals, as well as clawed birds.
  • Alcohol, alcoholic beverages, harmful or poisonous substances and poisonous plants or beverages.
  • Animal-derived ingredients or Haram products, such as pork gelatin. Additives, preservatives, colors, flavors, etc. produced from Haram ingredients.
  • Interest, usury and abusive speculation.
  • In-game bets
  • pornography
  • Speculations
  • Etc

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