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What to know about ChatGpt

Chatbots, virtual assistants and other natural language processing tools have revolutionized the way businesses interact with their customers. However, they are not as sophisticated as human interactions and can sometimes lack understanding and context. This is where ChatGPT comes in.

ChatGPT is a generative language model based on the GPT-3.5 architecture, developed by OpenAI. The model is trained on a massive and diverse dataset, which includes texts, documents, etc. This allows ChatGPT to understand and generate responses to a wide variety of topics.

In this article Finance de Demain tells you the essentials of what you will need to know about ChatGpt. But before we start, here's How To Create Your Business On The Internet

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Let's go !!

⛳️How to configure ChatGPT?

Users must create an account on the OpenAI site before using ChatGPT. The process is quite simple – all you need to do is provide a few details including your name, email address and phone number.

Without further ado, let's see the detailed step-by-step process of creating a new OpenAI account.

1. Navigate to OpenAI's ChatGPT

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Visit the ChatGPT page and click Try ChatGPT to sign in or create a new account. You can also get information about this tool, including how it was trained, limitations, and sample use cases.

2. Enter your email address and password

Create a new account by entering your email address and password, then click Continue.

3. Confirm your email address and phone number

After that, you will receive a verification request by email. Open it and click Verify email address.

The button will direct you to the OpenAI account home page, where you will need to enter your name and phone number. Then OpenAI will send a verification code to your phone number via WhatsApp or SMS.

4. Ask your questions, click send and wait for a response

Once you have completed the onboarding process, you can start using it. Press on "Enter” and wait for the chatbot to respond to your query. The speed of this response depends on the number of people using the service at that time.

Users can rate the response by clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down, which helps the AI ​​find the best response to the prompt. It is also possible to try a new response with the same prompt by clicking the Regenerate Response button above the dialog box

⛳️How does ChatGPT work?

ChatGPT uses deep learning to generate responses from given text inputs. It uses a neural network architecture that can be trained to predict the next word in a sequence of text.

The model can also be trained to answer specific questions and to generate text in a particular style.

⛳️ChatGPT apps

ChatGPT can be used in a variety of applications. Used in many fields such as research, education, business, finance, healthcare, robotics, and many more, ChatGPT primarily aims to help humans save time in production of textual content. Let's see in detail some use cases of ChatGPT:

⚡️ Generation of written content

ChatGPT can be used to generate quality written content, such as news articles, fiction scripts but also catchy headlines or product descriptions. This usage is best suited for writers, journalists, and content creators in general.

⚡️ Chatbots

Chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate human conversation. They can be used to answer customer questions, to provide information about products and services, and to solve customer problems.

They can also be used to automate repetitive tasks, such as reservations and orders. Traditional chatbots use pre-programmed rules to determine appropriate responses to customer questions.

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However, these chatbots can lack understanding and context and may not be able to answer complex or unexpected questions. ChatGPT can be used for improve accuracy and sophistication chatbots. here is a article that explains the role of sculpins

⚡️Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are computer programs that can answer questions and provide information on a wide range of topics. They may be used to help customers find product information or resolve customer issues.

Traditional virtual assistants use pre-programmed rules to determine appropriate responses to customer questions. However, like sculpins, they can lack understanding and context. ChatGPT can thus be used to improve the precision and sophistication of virtual assistants.

⚡️ Translations

Many have already replaced Google Translate and other Reverso for ChatGPT. It is very effective when it comes to translating text from one language to another.

Constantly trained on corpora of translated texts, in order to understand the nuances of a language, ChatGPT can now generate quality translations. International companies and professional translators use this feature a lot.

The chaGpt apps don't stop there. You can also do automatic document summaries, text synthesis, language recognition, etc.

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Automatic summaries of long texts or articles can be created by ChatGPT. It identifies key points in a text and can summarize them in a few sentences, which comes in extremely handy for academics, journalists, or even students.

ChatGPT is now also able to analyze a text and to identify the language. Language recognition allows the model to understand which language to use to answer the user's question or request.

⛳️ChatGPT limits

As a language model based on the GPT-3.5 architecture, ChatGPT has some limitations. Here are some of the main limitations of ChatGPT:

⚡️ Limited understanding of specific contexts

Although ChatGPT has been trained on a large amount of data, it can sometimes struggle to understand the nuances and intricacies of a specific context. For example, he may not be able to understand specific cultural or historical references.

⚡️ Lack of factual knowledge

ChatGPT is able to generate responses based on statistical language models, but it does not have independent factual knowledge. He may therefore sometimes give answers that are incorrect or inaccurate.

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⚡️ Risk of bias

Like any language model, ChatGPT can reproduce biases present in the training data. For example, if the data used to train the model is biased in favor of a particular group, the model may replicate that bias in its responses.

⚡️ Difficulty maintaining consistency over long conversations

ChatGPT can struggle to maintain consistency over long conversations. This can result in responses that are contradictory or that don't follow the logic of the conversation.

⚡️ Lack of understanding of emotions

ChatGPT can struggle to understand the emotional nuances of a conversation. For example, he may not be able to detect irony or humor, or respond appropriately to an emotional situation.

⚡️ Inability to perform specific tasks

Although ChatGPT can generate answers on a wide variety of topics, it cannot perform specific tasks such as solving math problems or performing complex computer tasks. In short, as you will have understood, if Chat GPT is making so much noise it is because we are witnessing a real revolution in artificial intelligence. So like any innovation, this has its share of advantages and disadvantages.

While some see it as an incredible tool, others see it as a threat. Despite its current limitations, it is believed that Chat GPT can be done a place in our daily lives and even change some practices in our professional and personal lives. Plus, we're only at version 3 of the AI, OpenAI promises that Chat GPT 4 will be even more impressive.


⚡️ What is ChatGPT?

A: ChatGPT is a deep learning-based generative language model that can understand and generate responses from given textual inputs.

⚡️ How does ChatGPT work?

A: ChatGPT works by using deep learning to analyze and understand given textual inputs and then generate consistent and natural responses.

⚡️ How is ChatGPT used?

A: ChatGPT can be used in a variety of applications including chatbots, virtual assistants, translation applications, auto summaries, text summaries, etc.

⚡️ How accurate is ChatGPT?

A: ChatGPT is able to produce accurate and consistent answers in many cases, but it can lack precision and context in complex and unforeseen situations.

⚡️ Can ChatGPT be trained for specific tasks?

R: Yes, ChatGPT can be trained for specific tasks by providing it with relevant training datasets.

⚡️ Can ChatGPT understand multiple languages?

A: Yes, ChatGPT can understand multiple languages, but it needs to be trained for each specific language.

⚡️ How is ChatGPT different from traditional chatbots?

A: Traditional chatbots use pre-programmed rules to answer questions, while ChatGPT uses deep learning to understand and generate answers.

⚡️ What are the limits of ChatGPT?

A: ChatGPT may lack precision and context in complex and unforeseen situations, and may generate imprecise or inappropriate responses in some cases.

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I am a Doctor in Finance and an Expert in Islamic Finance. Business consultant, I am also a Teacher-Researcher at the High Institute of Commerce and Management, Bamenda of University. Group Founder Finance de Demain and author of several books and scientific articles.

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  • Quite innovative. The use of artificial intelligence is increasingly practiced by companies, individuals and institutions. They participate in the improvement of practices, procedures, relationships, organization, multifaceted transactions... It is an opportunity that one must know or be able to exploit within a rigorous and ethical framework...

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