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2th February 2023 About Faustin Djoufouet

What social networks can I market my business on? Social networks are good means of communication and marketing for companies. Nowadays, we face a constant growth of a multitude of social networks. However, there is already a real problem of choosing a social platform for profit. To which social networks should I turn for the implementation of a marketing project for my company?

The prosperity of a business these days also depends on the implementation of a marketing strategy on social networks. A model of using social media for such a purpose requires orientation to the appropriate social platforms.

For this, the choice of social networks for the valuation of your company can be difficult.

In this article, we have identified some social networks and their advantages to help you build your marketing plan on the Internet. Let's go!!

The function of social media marketing

When talking about Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing comes in sixth place. Thus, the question that " What social networks for marketing my business? " in its place.

When it comes to marketing, doing social media marketing is a solid way to get more customers. If you don't talk to them directly on these social platforms, you inevitably miss opportunities.

It is the prerogative of marketing that challenges all categories of business: small and big.

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It is an action of marketing on the Net which requires the creation and the publication of information. These contents must be related to the business that you do. It will just be necessary to adapt the communication policy to each of the social platforms used.

Social media marketing involves animations such as:

  • Writing and publishing textual content,
  • Taking and publishing photos and images,
  • Editing and publishing videos, etc.

This contributes to attracting a large audience and to facing up to the competition found there.

How do I choose my social networks?

The power of social networks for communication and marketing in a company is unimaginable. However, with the number of social platforms constantly increasing, we often do not know which foot to dance on.

Businesses tend to be scattered and don't use social media properly. So, How to behave on social networks?

To choose the platform that should meet your objectives, you must ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I selling (items or services)?
  • Do I have a B2B or B2C activity?
  • Who is my target clientele?

When these questions are validly answered, you can already have an idea of ​​the platforms to choose.

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The social platforms particularly popular for professional and marketing purposes are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and TikTok. 

Popular social networks for marketing

Today and for several years, social networks are becoming more and more important in the communication strategy of companies.

They offer you a proximity with your customers and prospects that is not possible with other communication channels.

Here are the best social networks according to Finance de Demain :

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Facebook is a social platform that can be considered a real channel for all types of businesses. She has to her credit over 2,7 billion users worldwide.

This platform represents nowadays, the one that counts the largest number of browsers. Your potential buyers, subscribers and business rivals are already there.

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Now, Facebook is effectively a way to promote any type of business. For this, you need to expand your popularity by staying in constant contact with your community on Facebook.

So, you just have to create a professional page that will allow you:

  • To expose your business;
  • Communicate constantly with your audience;
  • Stay competitive;
  • Marketing your products, etc.

This platform has ad campaign services like Facebook Ads to boost results.


This social platform is considered the place par excellence for meetings with B2B companies.

Currently, job seekers are counted among the users of this social network.

That's why it's the perfect platform to help businesses:

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  • Show their area of ​​expertise;
  • Create and grow your professional audience;
  • Research and find new collaborators;
  • Develop and publish online training;
  • Recruit employees and collaborators;
  • Sell ​​products, services, etc.


It is a social platform in which companies that demand more to highlight visual marketing find their satisfaction.

If you are in cosmetics, therefore beauty products, this is the perfect place to advertise.

 This is why they are characterized as being social networks of the " and something beautiful ". It is a platform that promotes the beautiful image and requires few words to communicate.

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For a good impactful visual communication strategy, you will be in the right place. It would suit the business of fashion and beauty, gastronomy, tourism and travel, decoration, Fitness and sport…etc.

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Like Instagram, Pinterest is a social platform that highlights the visual aspect of this content (images, photos, etc.). Users of this platform go there to be inspired by new ideas.

Thus, it will be in this direction that the marketing strategy of your company will be carried out. If you plan to generate significant traffic to your various other social networks and websites, Pinterest is appropriate there.

It also allows you to highlight a product and boost sales afterwards. Because if a large public becomes aware of your service, none of them will certainly be interested and will seek a way to contact you.

Whether for Pinterest or Instagram, you have to bet on the quality of the photo published.

You will need this to provoke interest among Internet users and emulation among competing companies. Invest in good quality cameras.


It is a specialized social platform for sudden communications. Tweets or posts should be no longer than 280 characters. 

These tweets must be both precise, concise and catchy to captivate the attention of users.

If the retweets obtained thereafter are numerous, they can cause more visibility to the company, allowing a large audience to learn about your products and services. Which no doubt will boost your turnover.


This social platform highlights the design of videos. This platform allows you to publish videos for:

  • Present user guides. As a business, you have products or services for your customers. Thanks to this platform, you can present your offer to the various users and this on video.
  • Deliver recommendations and carry out storytelling;
  • Disclose a product and service for a commercial purpose. You may happen to create a new product for marketing. Thanks to YouTube, you can introduce it to the public and wait for their feedback.
  • And many more functions

Take advantage of this platform to make your business popular and make additional profits.


This platform is highly recommended if one of your business targets is young. This social platform promotes the editing of comic videos.

For these videos to have enough views, they must marry certain canons such as:

  • The customization of videos thanks to well-imagined effects; 
  • The playful aspect;
  • The duration of a few seconds;
  • Editing with a melody in the background;
  • A rhythmic and fun montage.

This platform is aimed more at the young population. If the services you offer in your article are more beneficial for men, then this channel is the best place to allow you to reach the maximum number of people.

This will allow you to increase your turnover and therefore your result.

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What strategy is adopted when using social networks?

When using social networks for marketing purposes, it is necessary to have certain elements for its proper functioning. First of all it is important to have a document that highlights your objectives on social networks.

Subsequently, this same document must contain the actions that you will take to achieve these objectives.

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The indicators that will serve as a compass to monitor and measure your progress must also be included.

In addition, it is necessary to list all your social network accounts: current and future. At the same time, classify the objectives specific to each of the platforms.


Ultimately, social networks are nowadays considered as real marketing tools. They are necessary to set up actions of marketing and development in renown of a business.

To achieve this, we have offered you some suitable platforms to easily achieve your goals.

You have the choice between Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and TikTok. here are some benefits of social networks for business.

Frequently asked questions

What do we mean by social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media for promotional purposes. This consists of popularizing a brand and marketing products and services in social networks.

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This offers the possibilities for companies:

  • To increase the popularity of their products and services;
  • Create an active audience;
  • Have their products and services purchased;
  • Measure the interest of Internet users for the company;
  • Ensure a good service to the client on social networks;
  • Promote their products or services to the target audience;
  • Control winnings and adapt the appropriate strategy.

How to effectively promote your business on social media?

First of all, it is necessary create different accounts social media for your business. Thereafter, it is important to adopt the right actions to promote your animations on these platforms. This goes through :

  • The improvement of your profile and your page on the platform;
  • Regular publication of content;
  • The choice of convenient times to better capture your target audience;
  • The creation of eye-catching content;
  • Constant interaction with your virtual community;
  • Work with influencers if possible to easily reach a large audience and expand targets;
  • The exploitation of all the advantages offered by these social networks such as stories, advertisements, hashtags, etc.
  • The use of a community manager if you do not have enough time.

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